Soothing Candle Quartz Pt 3.

These are smaller pieces, check our Pt 1. and Pt 2 earlier posts for larger palm size!

These Candles are from Madagascar. Candle Quartz is a formation of Elestiated Quartz… It is a stone for luminaries of our Earth, providing for thought transmission within the physical realm and between the luminaries of other worlds. It conducts one to the interior of the being and fosters regard for the body as a “mansion for Comprehension”. It produces a realization of the damage one consciously allows to to occur to the body and helps one to be more in control of the issues, recognizing the path to ameliorate and to discontinue negative self fulfilling prophesies. Candle Quartz is a very tranquilizing stone which can be used to dissipate the tedious and oppressive from ones character or environment, the presence of the stone in an environment acts as a clarifying agent ” to dispel the shadowy” and to “acclaim the interior illumination.” Mystical candle quartz is normally very white & cloudy. The side crystals look like “dripping wax” each pointing towards the main Termination.

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