Ascended Masters Oracle Reading 26/09/2016 – 02/10/2016


For this week reading 26/09/2016 – 02/10/2016, we are using a deck from Doreen Virtue, Ascended Masters Oracle’s Cards. We love how this deck displaying so many different Ascended Masters and have a with very warm touch and energy in those cards.

(1) Are you having some misunderstanding with anyone lately? Or it is some awkward situation and you have stop talking to someone? The based card calls for white buffalo calf woman that urges us to deal with issues of resoluting of any argument or misunderstanding that we have left unattended by this week. It is time to look and face these issues as those involved are ready to forgive and forget.

(2) The present card or what might hold us back, invokes Lord Vishnu; answering and reminding us by start trusting people of their capability and sincerity involved will solve the issues of misunderstanding and awkwardness. Sometimes it is impossible to get things done all by ourselves. To rely and keep trusting people will improve situations. Keeping everything by yourself will not help the situation.

(3) The future holds a bright positive outcome as promised by Lord Ganesha. By completely trust and letting go, positive progression will happen in relationships and communications. All obstacles will be removed if trust is developed in a first place.

Angel’s Tarot Oracle Reading 19-25/09/2016


This week’s oracle reading is a card is from Angel’s Tarot – King of Water. 19-25/9/2016

The Devine reminds us this week to be trustworthy, compassionate, respected and cultured.

How many times do we open up our heart to listen to people around us, paying attention to people around us and be compassionate about living with people around us? Each individuals that are in your life plays significant roles and life’s lessons.

It’s time to pay attention to those who are existing around you with unconditional love and they are around you for very special reasons; your life mission and lesson of life for your spiritual growth.

You may also involve in some charity work no matter how big or small and could be anyone down from the groceries store or even at home or at work.


Crystal Wisdom Oracle Reading 12-18/09/2016


The crystal wisdom healing miracle, I used a simple 4 cards square geometry Oracle reading for everyone in general on what to focus and learn for week 12-18/09/2016, Namaste.

1. Issue to work on this week :- Smoky quartz elestial: it’s time to work on your darkest part, and realise that is not evil, but you can change your darkest fear into golden gifts. No part of you is evil or bad. Embracing your shadow leads you to healing hidden in the darkest reaches of yourself.

2. What is holding you back? :- Lapis lazuli: lack of knowledge, Devine guidance and self understanding. Take charge of your life. Looking into the past puts your present experience into perspective. Study and research about things might grab you attention. And attune to your Devine nature enhances your well being.

3. What to do ? :- Pink granite: be assertive and makes this happen. Events move with surprising speed once you focus your intention. See the whole picture before deciding. Be pragmatic, and don’t give your power away. Be grounded and live for the now, face issues that need resolution now.

4. The Outcome :- Preseli bluestone: healing will take place from past, present and future. Develop strong core and stability and an inner compass that directs you with integrity. Direction will be found and there will be more challenges ahead but you have power to decide, and you will be able to be true to yourself and that is the basis of all well-being, spiritual and physical.

Basic Method to Reprogramming Your Mind


The consciousness mind is your awareness of now which is happening in and around you.

The subconscious mind is your accessible information. You can become aware of this information once your direct your attention to it. Think of this as memory recall, a daily practice that becomes a behavior. Example: the accurately of first node of key you could sing in a song.

The unconscious mind is your primeval, inborn requirements and information that are very difficult to access. Most of our behaviors are driven by the unconscious forces. Countless memories and experiences during our childhood formed who we are today.

The unconscious forces (beliefs, patterns, subjective maps of reality) will plot the subconscious mind and drive our behaviors today and this will have an effect of how our consciousness mind works.

How our subconscious mind and unconscious mind are being installed with programs, of cause these happen by the “free will” of our own:-

(1)        When you accept the thoughts/words of yourself or others as true for you, these become part of your subconscious and unconscious mind programming.

(2)        Habitual actions become part of your subconscious programming.

(3)        Childhood memories and events, including what is taught in our primeval and early ages become parts of unconscious mind.

(4)        It is you willingly to accept what is true for you, means this is a “free will” installation and thus result in programming your subconscious and unconscious mind and this will have an effect on your present consciousness mind.

Subconscious programming is very valuable. This programming keeps the body, mind and spirit functioning. Subconscious’s programs tell the subconscious how to act in situations where the conscious mind is diverted by other thoughts. If you think you are programmed in a way since young that “love is painful” after experiencing your parents’ divorce in your childhood, each time you are involved is a romantic experience in your adulthood you will create painful experiences.

There are many ways by conscious efforts to change subconscious programming; through affirmations, prayers, suggestion, guided imagery, visualization and will power. Subconscious programming is protected by the subconscious.

To change the programming one must convince the subconscious to change it. To convince the subconscious of anything one must first get the attention of the subconscious and practice as a habit for 21 days.

Basic Step-to-Step on how to Change Negative Beliefs

(1)        Paying attention to your subconscious everything going on around it, which you suspect could be playing negative influences including what you thinking, feeling, and doing in a list. You can have a journal with you and list them down as you suspected any of them. For Example: – Being rich will make me be sinful/ rich people do not have good hearts. (work with 2-3 issues at any one time for the following steps)

(2)        Next to or beneath each negative belief, write a positive one you want to put in its place.  Yes, you can use a positive belief more than once to replace a negative belief in a similar category. We will still work with the same example: – Being rich will make me be generous/ rich people are the same as everyone in world, we are child of God.

(3)        Avoid using “feel good” affirmation type of statements (saying/thinking), statements have to be positive short and direct and makes sense. (work with the following steps, at a peaceful and quiet place, preferably around the same time each day for at least 21 days)

(4)        Close your eyes, breathe slowly and calmly, and focus your relaxed eyes on the backs of your eyelids or between your eyebrows or on the third eye (the point just above the point between the two eyebrows.  Count down 5 – 1 slowly.

(5)        Imagine the screen of your mind.  This can be a computer screen, a movie screen, or a black board. Imagine or see the negative belief or beliefs you want changed written on the screen of your mind.  Now erase or delete the first negative belief.  As you do, think to yourself:  “Subconscious, remove this belief and replace it with the one I write in now.”  Then mentally write in the positive belief to take its place.  You can imagine doing it with chalk on a blackboard or typing it in with a keyboard or just mentally writing it.

(6)        Open your eyes again, cross out the old beliefs and circle the new beliefs. Affirm the positive believes by saying out load, by meaning them.

After 21 days, your subconscious will know what to do when you mentally erase what you are seeing on the screen of your mind and replacing it with something else; meaning, you won’t need to instruct it to do this every time anymore, it will do it automatically.

For mental image which you have captured in your memory during your childhood age 7-9, which pops up regularly inside your head, these could be positive and or negative images. You can use same method as the above for replacing negatives disturbing images with positives images.

Tarot Journey 1

I just love the colors and fell in love working with this deck now. One of the “happy” colors still keeping the original values. – Kevin Gan

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, Poshkus has re-illustrated and updated Pamela Colman-Smith’s famous images used in the Rider-Waite Tarot. Compared to the original, these cards are much more luminously coloured and three-dimensional.

Some people say the cards are spooky; some shy away from the idea of ‘finding out the future’. But that’s misunderstanding the nature of divination. The tarot won’t tell you for certain what will happen in the future, no way. It doesn’t deal in certainties and, no, the Death card doesn’t mean you’re going to die! It simply suggests that there may be some changes ahead, some transformation coming up.

When you lay out the tarot, you’re by-passing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious, tapping into a complex web of possibilities. The cards are merely giving you a possible outcome, given the present situation and your attitude, your state of mind, your subconscious feelings. Remember, we always have choice, we always have free will. People who use the tarot wisely do so for self-growth, self-understanding, self-development. It’s all about looking at a problem or a situation in a non-linear way – call it seriously smart lateral thinking.


Gem Grade Rose Quartz Heart Shape (Special Offer)

14231417_1063353107076100_8146682556595215568_o (1).jpg

We are listing these gem’s quality African Heart Shape Rose Quartz at a very special price. All of them have beautiful refraction of rays (some more, some less). You will be purchasing these at random, because they all seem to be the same! Just beautiful!

As, we understand the periods of Mercury Retrograde that is fairly happening since last week 30th August 2016 (to be quite a challenging lesson and affecting most of the people). It is time to make a replacement of any disruptive programs of yourself and replace with unconditional love and positive beliefs.

You may even think of to gift a friend of this lovely “hearts”.

The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others.