Angel Tarot Card Reading 10/10/16-17/10/16


This week oracle reading 10/10/16-17/10/16, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Angel Tarot Card and we have asked Archangel Michael for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, Balance: the angels are glad that the you understands the perfect balance and moderation of life. We feel safe and secure and we are protected to an extended version of a “comfort zone”, we are too comfortable. This may affect on goals and plans to be on the wait always.
2. The challenge card, Justice: the angels urge you to start to pick up your authority and power and make a decision and action on the goals that you have been thinking. Strike for your dreams and the angels are always here to support you. As you know that this is the right choice, the decisions or actions you make will rise your vibration. Pray to Archangel Michael as his mighty sword is here to show you Valor and be brave, and also pray to Archangel Raguel for correct decision and action. It is the time!
3. The outcome, Ten of water: depends on your desire or dreams, you may be rewarded with recognition, power, good material needs, emotional needs, trustworthy relationships and/or a contended and rewarding family life. As you have raised your consciousness and awareness with taking plans into actions, your ability to manifest your dreams will become easier.

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