Angel Tarot Card Reading 17/10/2016 to 23/10/2016


Namaste, here is our next week (17/10/2016 to 23/10/2016) oracle’s reading. I am using the Angel’s Tarot deck with 5 multiple cards.

Card 1 (past) – seven of water suggest that you could be stuck in a situation of decisions or choices. This could be because there might be more than 1 issues that needed to be get through right now. Which this may leads to complex decision and action, last week the angels urge us to move forward and stop being too comfortable and claim power and authority to work towards our dream and/or life purpose to get things started, however sometimes we could have more than one issues to focus at one time and other issues involved may affect the others. Emotional(love) VS Health VS dream or life purpose.

Card 2 (now) – the sun suggest you should step on a higher level to view the issues or challenges. To be at peace, like the joy that the sunlight present, put on this perspective at you will be able to look at the challenges and overcome it easily. The angels also have message for you that the wise decisions always come from your heart, it’s within you. To be able to sustain in any situation we must be tough and strong. Survival of the Best (your values) leads to your soul evolutions. This is the time for self growth and experiences leads to growth.

Card 3 (future) – knight of air suggest even though the events of life or challenges usually requires you to make hasty decision, remember to take your time to decide and think about them. Last week cards suggest us to move, and things are indeed moving in a faster pace right now but do not rush, always move with your true self and your ultimate goals in life.

Card 4 ( first 2-3 days of the week) – the emperor let us know if things are getting out of hand, plan on using logic, system, and affirmations. Standby at look at all the obstacles, study them and place the most systemic or logic solutions of all, connecting back to the first and second card this week, seven of water and the sun; even though how complex your challenges might be for instead could be factors from health, relationships or life purpose, they all are connected, they happened all in a time be with logic and systems will proceed you further in your growth for now. Avoid using too much of a emotions (solar plexus) for decision instead use your heart to look at the root of your challenges.

Card 5 (last 2-3 days of the week) – five of water show us to value what you have learn through the process and look at what have you gained. The angels also confirmed that nothing is going to change around you but the perspective of your beliefs system that bring true growth to your spiritual journey.

Dear God, Archangel Michael please surround us with your brightest light. Guide us with the most loving energy when we make decisions and conclusions in all areas of our life. Our belief system plays the ultimate role in our life and therefore we affirm the openness to the devine guidance and please come into our life and intervene for the highest purpose and blessings to everyone.


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