Whispers of Love Oracle Card Reading 24/10/2016 to 30/10/2016


We seek one of the most beautiful oracle’s cards, Whispers of Love for our this week general reading (24/10/2016 to 30/10/2016) 3 cards reading.

This week the angels wants us to really look deep into our true-selves. A beginning of your life purpose!

(1) Past (based card) :- “Be Authentic to Who You Are” As we are living in the modern society, and we are composed of different social groups, from our work, clubs, friends, family and etc; we tends to build habits of puttingon different masks in for situations/environments.
Have you ever met someone who becomes a totally different person depending on his or her surroundings?
While adapting to your environment is certainly beneficial in some situations, however to the extend of shifting your personality completely is problematic and will affect your programming of not being yourself in long-run.
The important points, be more self aware of yourself, find genuine connections with people, don’t be perfect for everything and be present moment.

(2) Now (challenge card):- “Honesty is Essential” The angels want us to be completely honest with ourselves and people who we love. Due to the habit lacking to be authentic, we tends to see the “short term” benefits of adapting to the situations, in which we could even not sharing truthfulness with people we love. Being authentic is not just being yourself, but being the truth and honest of your true-self and towards the people around you.
Relationships with people are build from love and trust lacking in either one might eventually cause people around to leave you. (This apply to all types of relationships)

(3) Future (Outcome):- “Treasure Your Loved Ones” To be able to love others deeply, you must be able to look within yourself, to be aware of who you are, to be aware of own your capability, to use your heart chakra as connection to people around you, not to be perfectionist, and eventually this is bliss and you will build the “heaven on earth” within you.

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