Fairies Oracle Reading 14/11/16-20/11/16


This week oracle reading 14/11/16-20/11/16, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Healing with the Fairies Oracle cards for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, making new friends: you may feel uncomfortable at first or weird that you may have noticed that your circle of friends and lifestyle could be shifting. Old friends/activities may part ways and new people are entering your life. This do happens throughout stages of your life, but the Faeries is focusing on this topic more for this week. This may due to switch in interest and lifestyle priority. The Fairies is asking you not to worry and be grateful for all chances and friends.

2. The challenge card, new opportunity: because that you may be worried and concerned about the changes that always happens in your life, you may missed the opportunity of great plans, for example your businesses and/or school projects. As you have set boundaries like a Stop Sign around you, be comfortable about the shift, law of attraction and being outside your comfort zone.

3. The outcome, letting go: The Fairies wanted you to know that by letting go, surrendering yourself to the changes in your life you will receive positive result as you go outside the comfort zone (card 2).

The Fairies also says that, letting go of our old friends and lifestyle doesn’t means you forget about them, it is just a phrase of not attached but still loving and stay contacted at some point. This will generate more acceptance for new lifestyle or challenges and friends and new opportunities in life.

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