Angel’s Tarot Reading 14/11/16-20/11/16


This week oracle reading 21/11/16-27/11/16, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Angel Tarot Cards for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, The Moon : this card comes up because you are not trusting your own intuition. Even it has keep showing you meticulous insight and manifestation power, you still have not release some part of the block within you.

2. The challenge card, Nine of Air: this happens (card 1) because you have the tendency of always expecting something bad would happen and overworry about things which actually do not require so much attention.

3. The outcome, The Strength: to truly achieve your psychic or your potential, you must be able to gain inner strength by not judging anything even yourself. Forgive yourself and show compassion to everyone. Focus on service to mankind. And your intuition will develop and you will release the block within you.

The Angels also want to you know that people surrounding you does have an effect on you. Like minded people create more positive energy that you required. This is partly related to the last week reading.

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