Weekly oracle reading 26/12/16-01/01/17


This week oracle reading 26/12/16-01/01/17, our last reading for the year 2016. We will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Fairy Tarot Cards for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, Four of Winter : expecting plans to work and solutions for concern in your life. This could be your resolutions for year 2017, that you could be worrying, wether I am going to achieve what I am supposed to achieve? Lack of confidence maybe? It’s okay, the fairy ask you to take a break for this holiday season, answers will come to you.

2. The challenge card, Renewal: this card is about the challenge in planning your new year resolutions, what do you really want to do in the year 2017? Review your pass and plan your future, start a journal, have a list of what you want to complete in the year 2017 and write an action for it which will make it happen.

3. The outcome, Nine of Autumn: the card of harvest. The fairy assured you that all your plans and hardworking will be manifested if you plan it accordingly. They assured that there is nothing unachievable. They wish you best of luck and joy!

Prayers: “Dear God, Angels and Fairies please let me have a quick short rest for this holiday season and come back to have the focus for what exactly what I want in my life and guide me to focus on my plans and make achievements in luck and joy for the year 2017, thank you!”.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Angel’s Tarot Oracle reading 19/12/16-25/12/16


This week oracle reading 19/12/16-25/12/16, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Angel Tarot Cards for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, Three of Air : you may have experienced extensive emotional issues around you for the past 1 week, that could be affecting you and you feel tired. It is time for you to get some rest.

2. The challenge card, The Moon: this card tells you about the understanding of your inner self. What do you actually wants in your life and what is your believe system. Where are you heading? It’s a good reminder for the year 2017, knowing your self more it’s a challenge. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

3. The outcome, Unity: as it could be difficult at some points to deal with emotional issues, Archangel Sandalphon suggested that to be able to know yourself better and move strongly into the year 2017, it’s to seek like minded friends, mentors or spiritual teachers. This raise our vibrations and energies also brings much knowledge that bring improvement to your relationships, business and health concerns.

Prayers: “Dear God, please invite the correct mentors, like-minded friends and people towards me, I seek to learn more about the universe and myself better and have the strong energy to move towards the year 2017, thank you!”.

Oracle reading 12/12/16-18/12/16

This week oracle reading 12/12/16-18/12/16, we will be working with a 1 card option with the Angel Tarot Cards for assistance and guidance.

There are 3 choices of a single card reading. Which one will reflect on you the most, choose a card from rose quartz, obsidian or carnelian.


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Angel’s Tarot Reading 05/12/16-11/12/16


This week oracle reading 5/12/16-11/12/16, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Angel Tarot Cards for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, Eight of Water : you may have felt that you need to do something more than what your daily lifestyle involved in. The urge of doing something more meaningful in life, that’s a desire in you of moving towards your life purpose more closely.

2. The challenge card, knight of water: being a knight of water in yourself solidify the reason being unstable, easily disturb by attractions, gimmicks around you, which makes you unable to focus on what is supposed to be most meaningful to you.

3. The outcome, The Star: long term plans is the word that is striking towards the meaning of this card. Due to easily been infatuated, long term plan will help the growth towards your life purpose and spiritual growth. The Angels also want you to be able to balance everything in your life and ensure fair focuses.

Prayers: “Dear Archangel Gabriel, please guide me with long term planning for my life purpose and please dilate all infatuations which are meaningless and unhelpful, I surrender to your Divine Intervention and I am ready to move forward with my new long term plans, thank you!”.