Oracle/Tarot Reading 09/01/17-15/01/17


This week oracle/tarot reading 09/01/17-15/01/17, We will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Archangel Power Tarot Cards for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, Justice : you concern yourself to be busy with things around you that you don’t really enjoy doing them, you feel that much of the busy doesn’t in a way benefits you and they are not of your concerns directly. Not being fair.

2. The challenge card, Nine of Raphael: there is a treasure in this situation wether do you wish to see it and change the situation.

3. The outcome, Eight of Gabriel: the card of movements and communication. The card strike the meaning of being assertive in this context. Sometimes it’s best to speak up what you really feel and face the issue directly. In this case, you may still be loving and helpful but you need to let the other people know about what you feel and your feeling of doing it. Then you would find your treasure and your wish will be in commands and you will feel much things will happen in your concerns and being fair.

Prayers: “Dear God and Archangel, please grant me the power to be able to express what I feel and be assertive towards people around me and being real about myself. So, I could totally feel great and fair for doing things for myself and people around me for the highest energy of pure love.”

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