Traditional based tarot reading for 27/02/17 – 05/03/17


The traditional based tarot works on all life aspects as a cycle. Although some of the cards will be having some of the dark aspects of life, it depends on how you convey the message, with wise divination intentions, the same symbol can be conveyed giving positive feedback and readings. Some people love working with traditional based tarots because they could give more details and symbolism maybe be cause they acknowledge the shadow parts of life more directly, while other love working with improvised versions of tarots, could they be subject focused tarots, milder versions and or other oracles cards. They all give great divination guides depends on how you could intended to use them. We will be having a traditional based tarot reading for 27/02/17 – 05/03/17, using a 3 cards spread with the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck, a more vibrant colored version of the original Rider-Waite Tarot. (Please take note that, inverted cards are read as inverted following the traditional rules of tarot reading)

1. The based card, Strength (Upright): through divine, this card is telling us to remember our strength inner-self, the divine reminds us that we are all build in a image of the source, we are all strong, positive and connected to one another originally, we can be weaken from distractions, fear and ego. However, the divine is also telling us not to be afraid to look at what are our distractions, fear and ego. We could learn in which what makes the contrast in a positive manifestations, that means they could even make us stronger if we could be able to deal with these issues.

2. The challenge card, The Emperor (Upright): he is someone with great clarity, logic, plans, disciplines, firmness and decision making. To be able to find the strength for do what are we going to address, we need to be like him. What this means really is, we must assure of what we really want in our physical life, do every basics that are need, know that what you expect will come and wait for everything to be unfold naturally in this physical plane.

3. The outcome, knight of pentacles (Upright): expect to receive an impulse of what you suppose to do will come, as ideas, as feelings or repeat messages. This will lead to the creation of your physical desires. The divine also let us know that this could be something very physical, like money and assets or something in the physical world you desired.

“We pray towards God to guide us to be clear and firm to be able to look at our real strength and darkness so to be able to create our real desires in our physical life”


Young living blends: clarity, harmony
Young living singles: orange, rosemary
Crystals: hematite included quartz, blue calcite

Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Reading 20/02/17 – 26/02/17


It’s time to work on our subconscious and inner self, seek answers of what we desired in life. We will be having a Oracle reading 20/02/17 – 26/02/17, using a 3 cards spread with the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, which are specifically designed to help us manifest our goals, life purpose, and divinely inspired dreams. The Mermaids and Dolphins works on a level of which involves lots of emotions and they are very direct, down to earth and magical.

1. The based card, Make a wish: this card is telling us that, at the present moment what we really desired in our life are yet to be manifested fully. In which, we are still hoping for better conditions, and the Mermaid and Dolphins knows that we already have the vision of what we really wanted but still unable to achieve them fully.

2. The challenge card, Time to move on : the Mermaids and Dolphins are urging us to let go of our emotional attachments from the past. Sometimes, we may seem strong and ready to move on in our conscious mind, but deep inside there might be a little part of us did not let go emotionally and even afraid to look at, be with it might hurt us if we were to look at them. Since this is their expertise, the Mermaids and Dolphins are willing to help us to identify the issues and teach us to address the darkest with the rainbows, so we could work fully with our dreams and desired future goals.

3. The outcome, Divine magic: expect miracles to happen. Identify our darkest emotion that we thought might halt us from manifesting our desires by moving on, praying for guidance and act accordingly. Divine magic will happen.

“We pray towards God and ask the Mermaids and Dolphins to help us to identify our darkest emotional attachments and move on, so we could work towards the vision, mission and manifestation of our life, thank you.”


Young living blends: Release, Highest Potential, Transformational
Young living singles: neroli, ocotea, petitgrain
Crystals: rainbow quartz, rainbow moonstone, auralite23, amethyst

Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Romance Oracle Reading for 13/02/17-19/02/17


Valentine’s day is this Tuesday 14/02/2017! We will be having a Oracle reading 13/02/17-19/02/17, We will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Romance Angels Oracle Cards for assistance and guidance no matter your still looking for your romance partner or even to improve current relationship of your romance one.

1. The based card, Let go control issue: if you are still searching for your soulmate, you should allow whatever that is coming towards your life and let them unfold naturally. For example, your guided to participate in a dancing class and there is a new class starting in town. Take the nessesary step to enroll yourself and let the following events unfold naturally. For those who have already someone in your life, to improve the relationship with your current soulmate, it’s time to work on the trust issues. Believe in all aspects of his or her life including choices, visions, plans and concepts of lifestyle by not trying to persuade, control or any form of mind’s manipulation.

2. The challenge card, Chemistry: for those who is looking for the special one in your life, and the reason why you do not allow events to unfold naturally is you being too comfortable and lazy and you do not set out the intention or project the feelings or chemistry of being together with someone special in your life. We must always remember that we attracts what we desired. For those who already found your soulmate, and have a issue with total entrusting your life partner decisions and being too controlled, we could improve this situation by creating more chemistry between you two; build mutual hobbies and spend quality time and doing more activities together.

3. The outcome, Express the love: The Angels of Love assured us that everything will be in romance as such we express through our intention of trusting ourself or your soulmate, not controlling in any forms and willing to build the chemistry of looking for a life partner or building the chemistry of the bond within your relationship of your soulmate.

“We pray and we allow the Angels of Romance to work on our issues with controlling and entrusting by letting go and willing to build more chemistry by motivation and allow change within ourself and towards our romance partner and as such, expressing love.”


Young living blends: Surrender / Motivation
Young living singles: bergamot, frankincense, geranium, cedarwood, spruce, peppermint
Crystals: rutilated quartz, smokey quartz, aquamarine, petrified wood, citrine

Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Oracle reading 06/02/17-12/02/17


This week Oracle reading 06/02/17-12/02/17, We will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Archangel Michael Oracle cards for assistance and guidance.

1. The based card, Make A Commitment: Archangel Michael understands how the law of universe works, that is by allowing the law of attraction to take places and a of your desired life and Devine purpose would be manifested easily. However, sometime we don’t hear out inner self strong enough and to commit on the ideas and work to be done to take place in order for our desires to be fulfilled, in your life or in your Devine purpose. Where do I go from here? What else should I do to even growth further and do what I am doing now? The commitment that you set, which you have set down will bring your further.

2. The challenge card, Detach from the situation: this card symbolize fear and dramas that are playing in your life, sometimes forces you away from your commitment of your goal and life purpose. The worry playing in your head, the wrong advice people are giving you, the non supportive vibes people are sending to you, makes you feel reluctant in commiting your goal and life purpose.

3. The outcome, Forgive yourself: you have done nothing wrong: Archangel Michael understands that grudge is not workable and it will cause more dramas and fear and the cycle will not stop. The only way is to forgive the dramas and fear that had happen, towards the people and yourself. Understands that the contrast will lead you to a better understanding of your journey. This will eventually leads to solve your issues of worries and reluctant and driving a power towards your goal and life purpose.

Prayers: “Dear God, Archangels Michael and Angels, thank you for showing us the courage needed to forgive everyone in this situation, this moment, so that worries and dramas will eventually be calmed, and will not affects our journey towards our goal and life purpose. Thank you!”


Young living blends: Forgiveness / Highest Potential
Young living singles: Rose / Ylang Ylang
Crystals: Rose Quartz / Azurite

Young living sponsor and enroller Id: 3734662

8 Simple Steps to Clear & Balance Chakras with Crystals

This post is a continuation from our post on how to Repair Aura Using Crystals. We could also use crystals to clear and balance our chakras, which is more profound, although the results and benefits could be a little slower but for long term wise this is better.

There could be many different ways of using crystals for chakras clearing, balancing and healing the bodies. To make things really simple and yet effective, we are sharing a 8 simple steps for yourself or for you to facilitate on another person to experience the power of crystals for chakras clearing & balancing. Do this at least once a week to feel the different in well-being.


Step 1 

You will need 4 medium size Black Tourmaline in any form, and each of one piece of the correspondence chakra’s crystal according to this post.

Total 4 + 7 = 11 pieces.

You can replace the 7 correspondence chakra’s crystal with mini clear quarts clusters through¬†all the following steps, for energy enhancing and vitality purpose.

Please also take note that the crystals are personal and there will be no sharing. Beside holding a session on yourself, if you would like to perform this crystal therapy on another person, you could prepare another general set of crystals and make sure to use step 2 each time before the sessions, and you could verbally and physically guide the person though the following steps. 

 Step 2

Cleanse the collection of your crystals and and dedicate it for the use of chakras clearing and balancing/ energy enhancing /vitality. Read here more…

Step 3

Prepare a clean space, usually on a mat or on your bed whichever is comfortable for you and undisturbed for at around 30 mins.

Step 4

Set intention of the space for highest good for healing and protection and place 4 pieces of prepared Black Tourmaline in each corner of the mat/bed making a force field or shield which are semipermeable that any disqualified energies are not allowed to penetrate inside the field, and only purest energy and love are allowed to flow inside the shielded area. If you can also invoke Archangel Michael with his Sword of Fire to assist you in this process, simply just by holding the intention. 

Step 5

Let yourself lying on the mat/bed, taking at least 3 deep breaths and as you inhale, let yourself to be surrounded with the most brightest light filling your energy fill each time. Starts to align the rest of the crystals corresponding to each of your chakra, starting from the Root Chakra one by one up  to your crown Chakra by placing them as you are lying down with clothes on as corresponding through this post.

Step 6 

Let the crystals rest on top of each chakra for at least 11 mins or as long as you feel comfortable. While breathing normally, imagine of white hollow tube along your spine from your root to the top of your head, a golden ball of which is travelling alternately and slowly from your root chakra to the top of the head and back and forward until times is up. The movement of the golden ball will resonate and connects each crystals into alignment to your chakras and body and promote clearing, balancing and healing.  If you like, you may invoke Archangel Raphael and ask him to surround you with green emerald  light simply just by holding the intention. 

Step 7 

As times up, remove the crystals one by one starting from your top of your head and end with your root chakra . Set all crystals aside together with your Black Tourmaline, thanks the universe, archangels and crystals for the great energies.

Step 8

Cleanse the crystals each time after your use and try to maintain using the same crystals, this will make them more powerful and more resonate to your body. If you want to re-use the crystal for another purpose always remember to follow the full set of cleansing, reprogram, activate and charging .

If you are looking for any crystals or other accessories in particular you can look through our New Age Online Shop OveracupofCoffee.

Congratulation to you to be a Crystal Healer!