Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Reading 20/02/17 – 26/02/17


It’s time to work on our subconscious and inner self, seek answers of what we desired in life. We will be having a Oracle reading 20/02/17 – 26/02/17, using a 3 cards spread with the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, which are specifically designed to help us manifest our goals, life purpose, and divinely inspired dreams. The Mermaids and Dolphins works on a level of which involves lots of emotions and they are very direct, down to earth and magical.

1. The based card, Make a wish: this card is telling us that, at the present moment what we really desired in our life are yet to be manifested fully. In which, we are still hoping for better conditions, and the Mermaid and Dolphins knows that we already have the vision of what we really wanted but still unable to achieve them fully.

2. The challenge card, Time to move on : the Mermaids and Dolphins are urging us to let go of our emotional attachments from the past. Sometimes, we may seem strong and ready to move on in our conscious mind, but deep inside there might be a little part of us did not let go emotionally and even afraid to look at, be with it might hurt us if we were to look at them. Since this is their expertise, the Mermaids and Dolphins are willing to help us to identify the issues and teach us to address the darkest with the rainbows, so we could work fully with our dreams and desired future goals.

3. The outcome, Divine magic: expect miracles to happen. Identify our darkest emotion that we thought might halt us from manifesting our desires by moving on, praying for guidance and act accordingly. Divine magic will happen.

“We pray towards God and ask the Mermaids and Dolphins to help us to identify our darkest emotional attachments and move on, so we could work towards the vision, mission and manifestation of our life, thank you.”


Young living blends: Release, Highest Potential, Transformational
Young living singles: neroli, ocotea, petitgrain
Crystals: rainbow quartz, rainbow moonstone, auralite23, amethyst

Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

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