Traditional based tarot reading for 27/02/17 – 05/03/17


The traditional based tarot works on all life aspects as a cycle. Although some of the cards will be having some of the dark aspects of life, it depends on how you convey the message, with wise divination intentions, the same symbol can be conveyed giving positive feedback and readings. Some people love working with traditional based tarots because they could give more details and symbolism maybe be cause they acknowledge the shadow parts of life more directly, while other love working with improvised versions of tarots, could they be subject focused tarots, milder versions and or other oracles cards. They all give great divination guides depends on how you could intended to use them. We will be having a traditional based tarot reading for 27/02/17 – 05/03/17, using a 3 cards spread with the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck, a more vibrant colored version of the original Rider-Waite Tarot. (Please take note that, inverted cards are read as inverted following the traditional rules of tarot reading)

1. The based card, Strength (Upright): through divine, this card is telling us to remember our strength inner-self, the divine reminds us that we are all build in a image of the source, we are all strong, positive and connected to one another originally, we can be weaken from distractions, fear and ego. However, the divine is also telling us not to be afraid to look at what are our distractions, fear and ego. We could learn in which what makes the contrast in a positive manifestations, that means they could even make us stronger if we could be able to deal with these issues.

2. The challenge card, The Emperor (Upright): he is someone with great clarity, logic, plans, disciplines, firmness and decision making. To be able to find the strength for do what are we going to address, we need to be like him. What this means really is, we must assure of what we really want in our physical life, do every basics that are need, know that what you expect will come and wait for everything to be unfold naturally in this physical plane.

3. The outcome, knight of pentacles (Upright): expect to receive an impulse of what you suppose to do will come, as ideas, as feelings or repeat messages. This will lead to the creation of your physical desires. The divine also let us know that this could be something very physical, like money and assets or something in the physical world you desired.

“We pray towards God to guide us to be clear and firm to be able to look at our real strength and darkness so to be able to create our real desires in our physical life”


Young living blends: clarity, harmony
Young living singles: orange, rosemary
Crystals: hematite included quartz, blue calcite

Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

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