Life Purpose Oracle reading 10/04/17-16/04/17


This week #oracle reading 10/04/17-16/04/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the #LifePurpose Oracle cards for assistance and guidance. They can astoundingly assist us to conduct accurate and trustworthy readings to explore our life purpose. “What is my life purpose?” is the question we will most commonly ask. Each and every one of us has an equally important purpose. When we’re working on it, our entire lives become healed. We feel happier and healthier. Most of which reflects with much on our career’s choice that will be at #service for ourselves and to people around us, which we will be happier doing them.

  1. The based card, Justice: The angels knows sometime we may feel unfair, as we may feel that what we are doing right now may not be the primary choice of our desired life purpose or our dream’s career. Or this could mean that we are #seeking for a more solid life purpose or career choice we desired and protecting the dreams and ideas since we were a child and still seeking.
  2. The challenge card, #CareerChange: There might be an urge or a feeling to start to pursue to go after your intended life purpose, your dream’s career choice which may seem seemingly different from what you are doing now. Seek for the light! The angels are hinting us that as we would look into the light we will feel #happiness and #joy. However our $ego will tell us about how dangerous it is to make any career change or what if that is not what we really wanted? The ego may put different thoughts in our head with excuses! One of the ways is to pray and ask help from #ArchangelJophiel to beautify our minds and to leash away the entire ego of which those lower energies, so we can make decision from our highest self who is pure and full of love and light. The angels also say that, we may not be taking a change of which a 180 degree of change all of a sudden, but a #gradualchange is healthy and more acceptable. Think of which if we were to worked all the muscle in the gym today, we bet we can’t even walk the next day.
  3. The outcome, #Trust: The angels saying, this is not an overnight journey, this is not something we could accomplished with given expiry date, or a timeline. What is more important in this moment is to #startthejourney of which we have been desired about. Take the first step to make gradual changes and the destination would be a step closer as long we start the journey. The angels are asking to trust that the journey we are making will eventually reach the #destination we wanted.

Prayers: “Dear God, the archangels and all the angels, as we may feel low and down, we ask you to help us to have courage to pursue our dream’s career and life purpose so we could feel happy and healed, even taking a small step at a time working towards what we desired and even preparing for a career change. Please let us trust that the journey we are taking will lead us to where we want to be. Thank you and Amen!”


Young living blends: magnifying your purpose, transformational, oola faith

Young living singles: black pepper, pine, lavender, peppermint

Crystals: azurite, blue chalcedony, moldavite, malachite

Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

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