Guidance Angels Reading With One Bookmark Printed

Guidance Angels Reading With One Bookmark Printed (randomly select over 30 different designs)

Do you want to know who your Guardian Angels are?

Do you want to know what messages your Guardian Angels wants to share with you?

Your Guardian Angels are highly energy beings that are created by God which were assigned to help you in this lifetime. You have at least two Guardian Angels with you right now or maybe even more!

After receiving messages from your Guardian Angels, we will construct the focus of the messages from your Guardian Angels together with your Guardian Angels’ names into a bookmark. There is one; two or even more Guardian Angels would love to give you messages today. Each time as we connect there will be different Guardian Angels come up to give you the messages.

There will be a date printed on the bookmark to indicate when the messages were channeled and when the bookmark was made. Please also take note that a report with all the messages from your Guardian Angels will be sending to you in a PDF format via your email for your future references.

Please let us know your full name and/or whichever names or nicknames that you are comfortable to share with us and your (one) question that you would want to direct it to your Guardian Angels.

At our best intention we would love to share this, in whatever experiences to co-create this reality together.

Angel Blessings!
Kevin Gan
Earthly Bliss

(Please take note this is not a “mediumship session” and the messages are not from your departed love ones)

These channeled messages should be viewed as “entertainment” only; it does not substitute for the consultation of medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals. This reading is not legally binding.

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