Law of Attraction Cards Contemplation for 16/10/2017-22/10/2017


This week oracle reading 16/10/17-22/10/17, we will be doing something different, we will be using the Law of Attraction Cards from Esther & Jerry Hicks and do a with a 3 cards contemplation to see which messages resonate with our this week situation.

This beautiful card deck is not an oracle deck, they are cards which are nice to read and look at times needed to remind us of the law of attraction. These cards encompass perspective of the law of attraction at various levels and based from the Abraham-Hicks teachings for self empowerment, joyful life, and enhancing our life experience.

We herewith pray for answers for what are the messages that might help us all in general for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New age and to whoever attracts to read.

1. Card 1, I do not need to monitor my thoughts: Rather than trying to monitor your thoughts, pay attention on how you are feeling. For it you should choose a thought not in harmony with your broader intentions, you will feel the discord; and then you can redirect your thought to something that feels, and therefore serves you, better.
(As thoughts are being conjugate from you and a possible action will be taken, which are really based on what you feel at that moment, therefore it is always important to pay attention on your feelings and desires which make them clear at first before you would want to conjugate your thoughts and then making manifestation.)

2. Card 2, The universal law of attraction defined: The law of attraction says: the essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn. And while this may seem like a rather simple statement, it defines the most powerful Law in the Universe—the Law that affects all things at all times—for nothing exists that is unaffected by this powerful law.
(As we appreciate the law of attraction, taking into our perceptions that indeed its law is ultimate, which likes attracts like in all situations, we become more aware that of it is indeed that thoughts creates our manifestations and they are initially govern by our present feelings/emotions.)

3. Card 3, I understand the rules of the game of life: Now that I understand the rules of this Game of Eternal Life…now that I understand the powerful law of attraction and deliberate creation, I can prep-ave, segment by segment, my life experience into becoming the allow-er I was born to be…for I was destined to a life of fulfillment and never-ending joy.”
(As we choose to acknowledge our feelings and deliberately knowing that we attracts the same, we take charge step by step into creating the world we want to live in, and yes as this is too a never ending process because our desires are changing and expanding with time.)

Prayers: “Dear God, thank you for reminding us that all our thoughts and decisions are originated from our feelings, as it is important to acknowledge them, and as such by knowing that the same will be attracted to each another creating what we desire and feel to have in our manifestation and our reality step by step which will never stop right here, but to expands over time. Thank you and Amen!”

<Philippians 4:8 >
“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.”

Young living blends: Joy, Highest Potential
Young living singles: Orange, Geranium
Crystals: Rainbow Obsidian, Kunzite

To learn more about the Law of Manifestation, you could check the link below:-

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