SO WHAT ? #1 Brave to Move Forward


SO WHAT ? #1
Anything that push you off your routine can shake your comfort and security. As we are working on something new for ourselves whether is personally or professionally, we shake our confidence level off because of the unknown and we fear.
We might not know what is coming in our way, but SO WHAT? As long as we have make our decision because we wanted too, and we know that when the universe bring us to it, the universe will bring us through it. Look at this as a positive reach, something to bring ourselves too another level of new consciousness.
SO WHAT? We should keep the fear away because:-
In the Chinese proverb says :-
chuán dào qiáo tóu zì rán zhí
(When the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current)
Things will eventually get better, as long as we let it happen naturally and we move forward. Nothing to hold back, nothing to fear!
Do not be afraid to move forward and make changes in your life!
If your into reading the scriptures, you may look into Mark 10:46-52 New Living Translation (NLT) for a references.

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