SO WHAT? #3 Family Bonds


Family members are like people who are choose by you for you to learn about life’s experiences in a most gentle and loving way. Why? The tolerance and acceptable levels for each other go beyond what other normal relationships can provide. Think of a way that, have you been forgiven ample times for doing the same mistakes by your family members? Vice versa, we are here to grow together in this universe.

SO WHAT? are you holding on grudges and disappoinment towards anyone in your family members? Let go the ego instead because nobody in real is at fault. This is a process, a journey together.

One of the way to make relationships grow in a direction of love and true understanding is to see things from the point of the goods of someone. The more we see the good, the more positive experience we creates for our future.

Holidays and Christmas are coming soon. We wish you all the best, and…..

SO WHAT? Let us let go the ego and start to see the good in everything.

In the Chinese proverb says :-


jūn zǐ zhī xīn bú shèng qí xiǎo,ér qì liàng hán gài yī shì。《gé yán lián bì》

(The heart of a 君子 cares not about his own (selfish) desires, but of all that it encompasses from his breadth of heart.)

If you are into scriptures, you can check on Colossians 3:13 New Living Translation (NLT).

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