SO WHAT? #4 You Victim?


The feeling that other people think that you are always at fault. Why you cannot perform as expected? Are you tired of feeling this way? Do you want to know why you are in these situations? Are you the victim?
You are experiencing these unpleasant moment because you allow them to happen!
SO WHAT? I want to feel good and take charge of my own experience starts from now.
Reasons being a victim happens when we are unable to make decisions, and being indecisive in our daily needs. We invite the “decision maker” into our life creating opportunity for them to play “masters” in our life. However, this creates tension and make us feel being victimized instead.
There could be more than just a solid reason that why you are the victim for many cases, but we invite you to start to stand firm in your life and start to make decision on your needs and trust your decision as universe have given you this power, do not let go this power of yours and invite “them” to have a control over you.
SO WHAT? I make my own decision and I am not a victim!
Do not be affraid to make decision anymore:-
In the Chinese proverb says :-
智者虑必有一失 (智者千慮必有一失)
Making a thousand decisions, even the wise will make a mistake…. < Zhì zhě qiān lǜ, bì yǒu yī shī>
If you are into scriptures, you can check on Psalm 37:7 New Living Translation (NLT).

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