Shopee Updates:-

Namaste! For those who missed out to buy the sprays and perfume, you can purchase them here !
What is an energy spray? They are sprays that works with intention and vibration for specific purpose that helps in working with our subconscious mind to achieve specific goals, the magnitude of the sprays increases when we focus and work with them in a meditation.
(1) start by noticing your own breathing
(2) read label for the spray of it’s intention
(3) with intention, spray around yourself (a few times)
(4) take a few more deep breaths
(5) experience the energy shift (if you want you can just sit and meditate for a short period)
(6) give thanks to your guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters and God for this precious experience.
PS: Always ask permission of others if you intended to spray on someone else.

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