It’s all about giving!

If you are looking for special gifts for your friends and family, or you are looking for something to enhance your Christmas’s Spirit come visit us!

Elizabeth from Whisper of Love and Senri from Heart no koé: Will share Animal Communicators and on that day, bring your pets picture within recent 3 months and able to see eyes clearly and preferably full body, no cases for missing pet and decease pets.

There will be gifts for purchase like flower of life painting, foot soak and bath salt, sugar scrubs too.

AK Nagomi Pastel: Come enjoy beautiful pastel art work by AK and they are for purchase as gifts, also experience Nagomi Pastel, which is a form of Japanese art healing, using pastels and fingers to create a gentle, transparent, warm and heart-touching art, in Christmas’s Theme.

OverACupOfCoffee New Age Angel Cards: Featuring simple 10 mins card readings, powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Promotes to seek the answers inwards rather than outwards for personal growth and empowerment.

OverACupOfCoffee New Age Crystal and Organic Handmade Jewelries: Natural Rock and Crystals and also featuring handmade jewelries with hemp cords with rare crystals like Auralite23, Spirit quartz, Faden Quartz, and many more as gifts.

D Ear Paradise Ginger Power: If you are looking for something Therapeutic and healing for body and face products as gifts, you can get them here!

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