Why Energy Sprays?

I am Kevin, an Angel Therapist. We founded our energy sprays (OverACupofCoffee) simplest with the intention of clearing bad energy of a space and also wanted to enhance the energy of a place or an individual’s aura.

What is bad energy and space Clearing? Let’s us talk about what is bad energy. Bad energy can clutter and disturb a space or a personal area like your aura from your usual energy level, to clear these bad energies is what we call space clearing.

Why do we need to do space Clearing? Bad energies usually comes from bad intentions, arguments, miss communication, wrong emotions from co-workers and family members. These energies stays in an area or even our aura like our personal space and continuing affecting us or even snowballs into worst effects later. Recognizing and clearing them is thus important.

How to do simple space Clearing? There are many ways to do a space clearing, physically cleaning and rearrange items around the space helps in decluttering the energies in that area, or we would bring you your memories of older generations in our local culture, might use charcoal and kemenyen resins to smoke the entire house, and the house would feel amazing after that, also in the Native American practices, they used herbs like sage and sweet grass for space clearing.

What is your innovation for this process, can we make it more simple? OverACupofCoffee would like to share a simple innovation where we uses essential oils, gem elixirs and pure intentions to achieve such same process of space clearing. We entrust all the essences into a spray bottle which makes its very convenient to use at anytime, anywhere. We call them “Energy Sprays”.

Can we use the sprays just like kemenyen? Well, we have 4 different types of sprays (updated 12/07/2019) namely, angelic spray, vibrational spray, sacred spray and universal light’s spray, which are used in raising vibration of a space, set protective vibrations,promote angelic vibrations works and to resonate and anchor purest light in conjunction for space clearing purposes.

Besides clearing space what can “Energy Sprays” used for? Besides space clearing. They are sprays that works with intention and vibration for specific functions that helps in working with our subconscious mind to achieve specific goals. There are currently 24 (updated 12/07/2019) different sprays that works differently each with a specific functions from increasing prosperity vibrations to enhancing romance and many more. All of them are based on life and soul spiritual experiences that are inspired by everyone and the angels and we are still continuing developing new sprays.

How to use these sprays? Breathe deeply, set intention, sprays into space, experience the vibration shift, give thanks, if you would want meditation with the sprays, it helps. Usually you would use the sprays on yourself, and space around you. If you intend to use on someone else, ask them permission.

Our is your objective of creating the “Energy Sprays”? Our intention of sharing our sprays is to share the beautiful tools we found, link beautiful consciousness and love, so to live life beautifully while we learn our lesson on this earthly plane.

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