Little things about me…

Kevin Gan begin to set his foot into his spiritual journey during his teens, always fascinated with the beauty of crystals, gems and essential oils; curiosity lead him into discovering much more of the universe. Going through many phrases of life, he now walks sharing the understanding that, when we realize we have been through the darkness then we will be able to give attentiveness towards the light. It is all about the courage of acknowledging our fears, and to overcome our chosen lessons. This will lead us to expand together on this earthly plane and co-create a heaven on earth. He now works primarily with the angels and the archangels, also some of the ascended masters and other galactic/cosmic beings , and continuously expanding his consciousness in co-creating workshops, energy sprays and healing sessions.

If you would be interested in a oracle reading workshop that he will be conducting this June 2019, kindly click here for more information.

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