Change For Good…

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Being too comfortable in life is a sign that is showing us that we are being afraid to grow. Even a subtle “new adventure” promote so many different opportunities that not only will creates extensive experience but a chance to expand our consciousness. Take a small step at a time. What new are there for me? Attend a new spiritual class? Join a new gym program? Make new friends? Ample…. 😅

Happy Sunday peeps!

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New Sprays for Forgiveness and Personal Power ~~~

Through the process of healing, we work entirely inwardly toward ourselves, and create a world of happiness 100% from how we view the world, to support this initiation of healing of such, there were two topics that we have brought into attention which are, forgiveness and Personal Power. (You can read more of them as you click them, as we have discussed them earlier.)

With very much blessing from the angels we are able to make these intentions into something more tangible to assists us into the venture of our healing journey.

These sprays are now available at our online store:-


Our Forgiveness spray initiate healing on all levels by changing our perceptions. Forgiveness is a form of letting go any resistance towards self healing, which is the most crucial initial process. 

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You could also use this Forgiveness Chakra Meditation Technique together with this spray.


Our Personal Power’s spray promotes self discipline and self empowerment in all situation by not giving away our authority. We stop our own self victimization by not giving away our own personal power.

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Switching Realities


There have been times in lucid dreaming that are so vivid that I remembered, I found myself in places where I used to be, or even in place that I have not been. Best of which, I then realized the potential of consciousness at different times that I have found myself in. This does not happen once, or twice, but rather reoccurring until I got the idea, installed and downloaded.

I meditate inwardly and seek for guidance, contemplating. Archangel Metatron exclaimed that in the concept of oneness, everything is one, and we are part of God and beyond the third dimensional reality, there is no time and space, every possibilities and realities have already happen. Since consciousness is something that is not limited to our third dimensional world, and it is something beyond our linear timeline to be comprehended, it is then not governed by time and space, thus not bounded by only one possibility and reality if we could put focus and intention into it consciously; energy goes where attention goes.

Reality can be jumped from one possibility to another possibility when our perceptions shifted because of the changing consciousness that we choose to focus, as such this will create our third dimensional reality into our “outside-world” in a linear timeline. “We create our own reality from what recites and happens in our “inner-world”, will create whatever we experience in our reality.

We would like to give example of how to applying this concept can bring the best potential in you:-

(1) Unable to perform at best due to trauma – Traumatic issues, where a child experience trauma at a very young age, registering, at his/her subconscious this condition, later in life he/she would be having symptoms from such traumatic event. This program runs in the child and to overwrites this core program, we need to bring this person, back to where the traumatic program was installed, and into attention, through consciousness travelling back in time, we reiterate, the condition where to convince that this child on what if? (what if you were never experience such traumatic event, focus on the feelings of such, and let time lapse towards the future, allowing such program to reinstall and reactivate, ask this person, to visualize what will you be if as such? We may add positive events to replace the original program) We may need to have more than few sessions to solidify this concept. This method can be use to unleash our highest potential in the present linear timeline when we encounter limitation at solving/choosing a solution towards any problems and blocks.

Can be work on most first degree issues and programs. (I will explain more of this later, as we do not have more information about this, second degree or more could be something that work with the dimension of energy imprints and ancestors karmic imprints, another topic to explore.)

(2) Unable to perform at best due to weak determinism – Since as we were talking about how time and space do not register beyond third dimension, the consciousness from our future self and be tap into and even possible futures. Thus, the possibilities of doing anything you want if possible, if you are giving enough attention into it. Same method, tap into the consciousness of your desired results, and fully experience the conditions of such and bring what will you feel into the present third dimension moment, stabilize your present and possible consciousnesses, result of manifestation depends on how close we could bring both consciousnesses together and merge them eventually. This method can be use to unleash our highest potential in the present linear timeline when we encounter weak determinism and determination towards a solution of any problems and blocks.

It is all about switching to your best possible potential.


There are limitless possibilities from our different selves just by tuning into our different awareness of realities.

There is no time and there is no space.
Archangel Metatron

How to Heal Your Chakras with Forgiveness

Let’s speak of an effective way to balance and align/open our chakras with the highest vibration of healing. Most likely, we already know what the chakras are. And how these energy centers play a part for the well-being of our four body systems: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These energy centers are vital points of Chi etherically that keeps the equilibrium of energy flows within our bodies to function in an optimal way. There are many methods to bring us to balance, align, open and heal our chakras, like various ways of meditation, certain diets intake, sound healing, crystals healing, yoga and many more. Likewise we would like to share a very effective way of using forgiveness for healing and activating our chakras.

Forgiveness are able to change the past, create the future and ground us for the best and optimal healing, you can read more of it here. Using the understanding of forgiveness, we create an opportunity of healing and this allow us to enhance and open our chakras through the meditation of contemplating forgiveness into each chakra.

We will work with our major seven chakras, namely as the follow diagram and its functions as below:-


The Concept of Forgiveness has to be apply when we are working individually with the chakras starting the most bottom till the top of the diagram.

(1) Regular relaxation to initiate the condition of relaxed brainwave, using deep breathing, music, crystals and aromatherapy or any combination of your choice.

(2) Focus on protection, Golden dome sphere around you. Protection from all negative energy, only love are allowed.

(3) Working with the Chakra (Root) Basic Trust. While focusing the Root Chakra area, with the color red, recite and command yourself.

“I forgive myself for allowing myself to be in a condition of insecurity, and distrust, I let go of this bad feeling of myself, and I trust I am well protected in all situation and all time. I know that God and Angels are always with me. I let go and I forgive. Visualize the color red growing brighter as possible effortlessly each time you inhale and exhale deeply.”

(4) Working with the Chakra (Sacral) Sexuality, Relationship and Creativity. While focusing the Sacral Chakra area, with the color orange, recite and command yourself.

“I forgive myself for allowing myself to create relationships and situations that I do not like in my life. I honor my feelings and emotions, I forgive myself for allowing myself for experiencing and “choose to connect” bad relationships, hobbies and attentions that I do not love. Being real enhances my creativity. I connect to everyone and everything with best possible intentions. Visualize the color orange growing brighter as possible effortlessly each time you inhale and exhale deeply.”

(5) Working with the Chakra (Solar Plexus) Will Power, Wisdom and Clarity. While focusing the Solar Plexus Chakra area, with the color yellow, recite and command yourself.

“I forgive myself for allowing other people to take control of me by not owning my own personal power. I forgive myself that I have let myself to be lost and many times pressuring myself just to feel temporarily relieved. I know that I am responsible for my own experiences and I will not make excuses to put blames on others. With my own inner wisdom, I am sure of what makes me feel good and what I desired in my life. Visualize the color yellow growing brighter as possible effortlessly each time you inhale and exhale deeply.”

(6) Working with the Chakra (Heart) Love, Giving and Receiving. While focusing the Heart Chakra area, with the color green, recite and command yourself.

“I forgive myself for limiting love into my life. I let go the idea of controlling how much I could give because gifts can be given in many ways. I also forgive myself for feeling not deserving receiving gifts from other people. I am content and grateful with what I have and I am full with compassion because I understand that compassion comes in many forms and order and in all directions. I accept for what it is and I forgive for what has happen. Visualize the color green growing brighter as possible effortlessly each time you inhale and exhale deeply.”

(7) Working with the Chakra (Throat) Communication, Being Real and Expressions. While focusing the Throat Chakra area, with the color Blue, recite and command yourself.

“I forgive myself for being not authentic towards the people around me and towards myself. I let go the idea of pleasing other people and being deceiving towards myself will help in create communications by making other people happy. I honor the authentic feelings of myself, the connection with other people, the connection with etheric realm, the trust with realms of spirit and my own intuitive abilities.”

Visualize the color blue growing brighter as possible effortlessly each time you inhale and exhale deeply.”

(8) Working with the Chakra (Third-Eye) Awareness and Perceptions. While focusing the Third-eye Chakra area, with the color Indigo, recite and command yourself.

“I forgive myself for having perceptions that blocked my intuitions for growth. I let go and forgive myself that I am not motivated with my visions and to be where I desired. I know there is not absolute right or wrong for everything, different perceptions and awareness can motivate my growth in different directions. I am able to see, connect and perceive clearly. Visualize the color indigo growing brighter as possible effortlessly each time you inhale and exhale deeply.”

(9) Working with the Chakra (Crown) Higher Consciousness and Spirituality. While focusing the Crown Chakra area, with the color Purple & White, recite and command yourself.

“I forgive myself for limiting myself in allowing the vast higher consciousness of higher divinity in my awareness. I forgive myself for limiting my believe system that only exist in my own presence. I allow and recognize the connection and presence of the higher beings in this universe. I accept the all possibilities of divinity through Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Love and Light Beings, of all I know I have preferences to work with whom ever resonate with me at given time, but not limiting myself to one or any. Visualize the color purple and white growing brighter as possible effortlessly each time you inhale and exhale deeply.”

(10) Sit and contemplate for another 10 minuets.

(11) Reawaken, send all energy to mother earth anchoring and grounding and take attention to your present moment and feeling the movement of your physical body. Give gratitude to the higher consciousness, mother earth and yourself.

Practicing at least once a week, creates opportunity of healing and this allow us to enhance and open our chakras through the meditation of contemplating forgiveness into each chakra. Let us know how you feel!

Namaste~ and thanks Serapis Bey, Lady Portia & Archangel Chamuel for sharing this concept.

The Initiation of Healing…


Healing is what most people would want for, in overcoming what is hurting us, to feel good, complete and healthy. Healing is a natural process, our mind, soul, emotion and physical naturally programmed to do so, given our complex yet simple buildup. There is no one would say I do not want to be healed, or I do not want to initiate healing within me, unless otherwise there is such resistance and program within oneself to halt the urges to heal or what we would say the initiation of healing.

There can be many many types of resistance to name a few, anger, resentment, losing personal power, jealousy, and etc, you get the idea, those feelings that do not make you feel good. For all that matters, there is a prime factor that is able to set free all these characteristic of bad emotions; namely forgiveness. Which name the initiate step towards healing, the first step to take to dissolve these bad emotion within.

Forgiveness leads the way to be able to remove all resistance and block within oneself, no matter what the resistance will be, that will than work on later, but we need to be ready to forgive first.


(1) Forgiveness are able to change the past. Remember what recite within us only valid within us. Some past occurrence, may be experience differently within each individual even it may happen for the same time and place and same people. (Some say the cup was half filled but some say it was half empty). By willing to see things from a different perspective, changed what had happen, and initial healing process. When you are willing to see the same incident from a different angle, you start to heal!

(2) Forgiveness open up the channel of all possibilities. We create our desired future. Someone who tells you that you do not! Please stop talking to them. Stop the mindset of being a victim and put blames on others (You can read more here) and start taking responsibility of your own reactions. When forgive, we stop judging what is right and wrong, we open up possibility of healing even for the future.

(3) Forgiveness, ground you! Making you be brave to live in the present. When you changed your perspective of the past, and you stop worrying of the future because you know you own them. You are able to live in the now that create the most beautiful healing energy within.

These are direct and simple sharing we hope that we are able to make them applicable for you human mankind, as really forgiveness is not a connection of more than one individual, it is all within. I forgive someone, that does not make sense in many context because someone would not be interference with the process of your healing and your well being. Let us know if you are intend to connect more of such and make this process more beautiful, healing is a natural process. Look within and bring our future forward.

Love & Light

White Flame (Serapis Bey) & Lady Portia

Take Back Your Personal Power!


Agitation, anger and resentment built over time from broad spectrum of reasons as being threatened, attacked, being invalidated or feel that being treated unfairly, being unable to want something in life of most desired. In short, losing control of something and unable to forgive ourselves.

Losing control of something is like losing our own personal power. Why are we willing to give up? What causes ourselves of being incapable of doing something is when we allow ourselves to be incapable of, being self victimizing, self pityness and self blame. This grants ourselves to use others’ bad actions as an excuse for ourselves to feel good for ourselves. But in reality, we are sabotaging ourselves.

Giving an example, issues between parents and a child. Many times we would feel incapable, we are unable to fulfill what our parents deepest desires or hope on us, this is what we feel, as such we would feel that we are sorry for ourselves for not making our parents happy enough, we develop self victimization by allowing ourselves to punish ourselves and use our parents as an excuse so we would feel better. This is most commonly known as the victim mindset. Those with this type of mentality tend to identify themselves as a victim of the negative actions of others so that they are feel a temporary relieve (not my fault). But in fact, what recites in our parents mind and/or desire is not as bad as what we would judge and we would take a step further and causing self victimization and giving up our personal power. (This is the main example, which can lead to many other possibilities and have an effect on our other relationships, like romantic relationships, boss relationships and even others.)

To make this clearer, we bring in the value of “Unconditional love”, so do you love your parents for a reason? Or do you love them without any reasons? You love them no matter what, as there is no reason to prove good to them, as also they love you for whoever you are and whatever you want in life. Stop judging and victimize yourself, afterall, the punishment you are putting on yourself is much more than what they would do to you, do not use them as an excuse anymore!

Besides forgiving ourselves of our own past actions, our “Inner-Child” needs healings from such experiences, tell them that we are grown up and we are ready to take responsibility of owning our experiences, and own personal power.

We do not blame others of our own suffering, which in fact there do not even exist!

We the angels and the fairies realm, offer to co-creates this experience together, call on us anytime, we will give you strength and courage to be strong and to be independent. Knowingly you are not alone.

Archangel Chamuel, Yellow Jambala & the Fairies of Ent

Sprays from The Angelic Blessings…

With much blessing from the Angelic Kingdom, we are be able to make available three new sprays, namely Light Code’s Spray, Spark Joy Spray and Universal Light’s Spray. It was a period of moving on with old believe system and looking into happiness and joy in our current situation. If you would want to read about how these sprays were inspired you can click here.

Meanwhile, let us present these sprays to you, if you are guided to connect to these sprays, you can purchase them at our store link here.


Light Code’s spray expands your consciousness and increases your awareness of all energy flows and promote downloads. When we are open and without block we will receive new information effortlessly and continuously.

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Our Spark Joy spray will bring out the true feeling of joy in you by decluttering your inner world; enable you to feel total joy and blessing in all situations.

Filled with #essentialoil of #Lemon #Mandarin #Orange #Bergamot #Grapefruit #Petitgrain #Spearmint and #Elixir Blue Calcite, Green Calcite and Stellar Beam Calcite.

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Our Universal Light’s spray can be use as an emergency rescues for any crisis which will promote calming effect and healing intention for anyone! This spray can also be used in all situations that requires to bring love and light, good for use prior to all consulting and healing sessions.

Filled with #essentialoil of #Kunzea #Fragonia #Buddhawood and #Elixir Satyaloka Azeztulite.

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With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

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Blessings from the Angelic Kingdom…

To all whom follow the work of the angels, archangels, ascended masters other light beings, we know that we have two parts of work to do; to make the world a better place
“Heaven on Earth” and then ascension (like the ultimate goal). The second part is possible, but it is a long journey? Although we should not judge any possibilities but doing our part one which is making the world a better place seems more approachable and doable now right?

As to all the soul sisters and brothers out there, my understanding of life is simple, that is to look inward and to acknowledge our “ego” or “resistance” and angels will take care the rest. Well this concept of life rendering view did not come from just by reading self-help books or articles and just by attending any new age courses out there, it took 10 secs to get to know the knowledge but long experiences and time to have the wisdom.
Just to share if you would know about the Dark Night of the Soul? It’s about when your life hit bottom and when you stood up and light comes back to you, you come back with a bigger Hero’s Cape for yourself. (You can listen to the podcast by Shari Badu here if you want to know more). Well, speaking of which I might have hit a few times of said condition, though not as bad as her’s but similar. We come back stronger each time, and this connects to my life changing experiences after I have attended Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 earlier this year and Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 recently, it is about looking at our darker selves and evolve from there.

Being an Angel Therapist from Doreen Virtue’s a while back, Angelic Reiki focuses much more on the intention of healing, and the system itself enable people to very much tune into healing and it is more guided without being too much rely on our current condition and mood of the day, more systematic. (I might share my view on Doreen Virtue move-on on another post but not here, well the Angels has told me that it happen for a good of all, it is actually something good.)

Coming back to my Angelic Reiki experience to date, after attending Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 and prior attending Angelic Reiki 3 & 4, energy wise, it is not always just about light and rainbow throughout. I felt I was stuck and froze from my expansions and I do not know what should I do but to wait for the next level of Angelic Reiki classes? I tune inwardly, I do grounding meditation everyday (that is the only meditation I would want to do, the rest just gotten me agitated and resentful) and I do self Angelic Reiki Healing.

From the blessings of the Angelic Kingdoms, thank you that I did managed to overcome the darkness that haunted me prior Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 and I have got a few things to share:-

(1) Changing of perspective, expansion of consciousness can happen as long as we let go our prior believes and accept that anything is possible. (from the concept of this being downloaded in my consciousness, one night I think it was about 3-4 am, I woke up shouting some light language for 3 minuets? Which seems to be flabbergasted to me myself, but I accepted them though, and I would be able to tune into the light language now if I were to put a little attention towards them. This helped me to learn new stuffs.

(2) Love what you do, do what you love. Marie kondo has spoken about declutting our life, which we would keep what are still sparking joy in our life. For me, joy comes in all aspect of our life as it really depends from which perspective we would see things, we would have a choice of making everything continuously sparking joy just by decluttering what causes the block towards the joy in our inner world. Both decluttering our inner world and our daily outside experiences are important for it’s effectiveness. When I see things without my judgement, without any expectations, without any prior believes, I see beauty, I see joy and I spark joy in all that comes in my experiences because we are love and we are one. I see joy in things in my life now, even before that many things would agitate me but not anymore.

(3) Calmness and connection back to light is the first step towards all crisis. We were never disconnected from the light, the angels, the divine. When we relax, it is when we see the light (It is not when we focus, we see the light). I relax into my true-self, simple! We ground, we calm ourselves, we allow out energy to flow, we see light!

In short, I write to share and thanks the Angels, the divine, to all the love ones in my life, that supported me and co-creates so many beautiful memories and consciousness together. We do know there are many more beautiful memories to create and many more consciousness to expand. Lets make this beautiful and fun, rest assured “Heaven on Earth” is not a myth anymore and its tangible by everyone of us.



Thank you Ms Ally, Facilitator of Angelic Reiki Workshops in Malaysia.

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For our brothers and sisters from Singapore and few other countries, we have an option to purchase our energy sprays from our etsy store from the link below. The shipping days might be a little longer, the intention was to keep the cost low. We will be shipping with the Pos Malaysia International Air Mail.

With much love and light we hope we could extend our sharing with everyone one of you.

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