Take Back Your Personal Power!


Agitation, anger and resentment built over time from broad spectrum of reasons as being threatened, attacked, being invalidated or feel that being treated unfairly, being unable to want something in life of most desired. In short, losing control of something and unable to forgive ourselves.

Losing control of something is like losing our own personal power. Why are we willing to give up? What causes ourselves of being incapable of doing something is when we allow ourselves to be incapable of, being self victimizing, self pityness and self blame. This grants ourselves to use others’ bad actions as an excuse for ourselves to feel good for ourselves. But in reality, we are sabotaging ourselves.

Giving an example, issues between parents and a child. Many times we would feel incapable, we are unable to fulfill what our parents deepest desires or hope on us, this is what we feel, as such we would feel that we are sorry for ourselves for not making our parents happy enough, we develop self victimization by allowing ourselves to punish ourselves and use our parents as an excuse so we would feel better. This is most commonly known as the victim mindset. Those with this type of mentality tend to identify themselves as a victim of the negative actions of others so that they are feel a temporary relieve (not my fault). But in fact, what recites in our parents mind and/or desire is not as bad as what we would judge and we would take a step further and causing self victimization and giving up our personal power. (This is the main example, which can lead to many other possibilities and have an effect on our other relationships, like romantic relationships, boss relationships and even others.)

To make this clearer, we bring in the value of “Unconditional love”, so do you love your parents for a reason? Or do you love them without any reasons? You love them no matter what, as there is no reason to prove good to them, as also they love you for whoever you are and whatever you want in life. Stop judging and victimize yourself, afterall, the punishment you are putting on yourself is much more than what they would do to you, do not use them as an excuse anymore!

Besides forgiving ourselves of our own past actions, our “Inner-Child” needs healings from such experiences, tell them that we are grown up and we are ready to take responsibility of owning our experiences, and own personal power.

We do not blame others of our own suffering, which in fact there do not even exist!

We the angels and the fairies realm, offer to co-creates this experience together, call on us anytime, we will give you strength and courage to be strong and to be independent. Knowingly you are not alone.

Archangel Chamuel, Yellow Jambala & the Fairies of Ent

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