The Initiation of Healing…


Healing is what most people would want for, in overcoming what is hurting us, to feel good, complete and healthy. Healing is a natural process, our mind, soul, emotion and physical naturally programmed to do so, given our complex yet simple buildup. There is no one would say I do not want to be healed, or I do not want to initiate healing within me, unless otherwise there is such resistance and program within oneself to halt the urges to heal or what we would say the initiation of healing.

There can be many many types of resistance to name a few, anger, resentment, losing personal power, jealousy, and etc, you get the idea, those feelings that do not make you feel good. For all that matters, there is a prime factor that is able to set free all these characteristic of bad emotions; namely forgiveness. Which name the initiate step towards healing, the first step to take to dissolve these bad emotion within.

Forgiveness leads the way to be able to remove all resistance and block within oneself, no matter what the resistance will be, that will than work on later, but we need to be ready to forgive first.


(1) Forgiveness are able to change the past. Remember what recite within us only valid within us. Some past occurrence, may be experience differently within each individual even it may happen for the same time and place and same people. (Some say the cup was half filled but some say it was half empty). By willing to see things from a different perspective, changed what had happen, and initial healing process. When you are willing to see the same incident from a different angle, you start to heal!

(2) Forgiveness open up the channel of all possibilities. We create our desired future. Someone who tells you that you do not! Please stop talking to them. Stop the mindset of being a victim and put blames on others (You can read more here) and start taking responsibility of your own reactions. When forgive, we stop judging what is right and wrong, we open up possibility of healing even for the future.

(3) Forgiveness, ground you! Making you be brave to live in the present. When you changed your perspective of the past, and you stop worrying of the future because you know you own them. You are able to live in the now that create the most beautiful healing energy within.

These are direct and simple sharing we hope that we are able to make them applicable for you human mankind, as really forgiveness is not a connection of more than one individual, it is all within. I forgive someone, that does not make sense in many context because someone would not be interference with the process of your healing and your well being. Let us know if you are intend to connect more of such and make this process more beautiful, healing is a natural process. Look within and bring our future forward.

Love & Light

White Flame (Serapis Bey) & Lady Portia

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