Angelic Reiki Practitioner Level

It was a amazing journey again this time persuing our journey as a professional Angelic Reiki Practitioner. They were two healing modalities that works as an extension version of the other four modalities. They were the magnetic and radiatory healings. Which works in-depth and simultaneously with the healing methods we learnt in Angelic Reiki 1&2 and 3&4. They are amazing which works to focus and intensify the previous modalities, because they trained us to facilitate the healing of the angels with extended consciousness.

Each of the healing modalities have their advantages and will naturally work best for each healing session. As we do not choose or pre-plan any method with the healing modalities, we will normally go with the flow of the angels and allow the method that will suit best for the session.

Beside learning these amazing methods, the deepest lesson that I have learnt is about allowing what was and accepting what is. Even we could say that we truly love someone, like our love ones or family members, but do we accept them? or are we tolerating them? And try to accommodate our real feelings? To truly accept something or someone, is not about using our love to tolerate what were, but is to let go and allow what were and to make a new alignment with them. To allow is easy.

What stop us from feeling good is only within ourselves. Next time when we are tolerating something, ask what trigger the emotions. What are the limiting believes that cause the pain within oneselves.

To accept something is to allow them to be what they are and let go what is within ourselves, as the first step is to stop all judgements and polarized view towards any opinions, some may even consider immoral in our linear timeline, but who are we to judge? In the Oneness there is no duality of Good vs Evil, there will be no judgement but just allowance. Acceptance then is another extension which is a bonus after allowance that require us to be in alignment, which is not compulsory but will bring improved harmony within relationships and things.

Hope this sharing can be helpful.

Thank you the angels, the team and our teacher, Ms. Ally, Namaste!

Meanwhile, I have 3 free sessions of Angelic Reiki to offer soon, serve to record and help us in practice and returning like a favour to the community. I will announce soon…

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