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感谢您的支持,我们对此深表感谢。我们的喷雾剂效果不错,希望更多的人能在许多情况下从中受益。讲授和分享神谕卡解读工作坊非常愉快,充满了爱心。我们还在康复课程中扩展了我们的知识,包括天使靈氣,香薰疗法和水晶自疗。这些导致我们与天使和你们一起美丽的体现,一个我们真正可以分享美丽的物品和以意识,意识和爱进行的对话的地方。希望很快见到您,我们将在下个月宣布有关服务的更多信息!Thank you for those who supported, we sincerely appreciate it. Our sprays have been doing great, and hope more people would find them useful in many situations. Teaching and sharing Oracle cards session have been fun and lovely. We also expanded our knowledge in healing works, that includes Angelic Reiki, Aromatherapy and Crystals works. These lead to our beautiful manifestation, together with the angels and you guys, a place we really can share beautiful items and conversations made with consciousness, awareness and love. Hope to see you soon, we will announce more about them next month!





Honesty. This word can mean a truthful expression of something that we feel, and a response that inspired by our true selves. Many times, we choose to cover things up, maybe to an extend of lying not just to people around us but even to ourselves, just so we “think” we could make things better. Before we could even stride an action, we already made assumptions using our own perception. These assumptions are very toxic because it is drive by fear, jealousy and ego. Know that your higher self would never choose any options that may cause more harm, or make us feel less love. Just be discerned, pay more attention inside rather outside and be brave to change.

Emotions are something so special that most of the time, we decided to hide them in a place where we do not need to deal with it. We used multiple ways to isolate them, so we do not feel anything that the emotions that would wanted to let us know. Just to name a few ways how we would cover up our feelings, a temporary relief on subjecting ourselves to the real emotions are like overeating, overspending, over-indulging in sex or in anyone activities that prone to addictions. These ways make us felt the “good” temporary but, we forgotten our real emotions.

What is our real emotions? The feelings you are dealing with everyday; interactions of your surrounding including places, people and situations. If any of those factors would trigger an emotion response, look at them and not bury them deeper by seeking out temporary relief methods as above. When we pay attention to our emotions, it didn’t bring us pain, but it highlighted the pain that has been inside us and we would take small step to make some changes to ease the pain. In this context, emotions has becoming a gift to us and not becoming something scary.



You do not came here to restrict yourself but instead to indulge as much as your soul would desire, so you could live in full vitality and alignment fully supported by your soul purposes. Stop using excuses as a restriction towards what your soul extension required.



Love is something beautiful that is available all the time and one of the reason that we do not feel love is because we do not want to receive it. Asking for help doesn’t mean that we are weak. Asking for help actually reassure our subconscious minds that it is okay to receive love and care around us. If you encounter any roadblocks and problems it is good to ask for help the from the angels and they will send the most suitable people to help us. Just be willing to accept help and love. Be kind to thyself.




Expressing love can be sometime challenging to us. Not everyone would readily say “I love you” and not everyone is always with a sweet mouth.

Another way of expressing love is through actions. Showing people around you that you care can be done by doing small things for them in their daily life. Just by giving small attention to them can signify big expresssions. This also promotes gratitude in our life and hence creates and manifest more love into our life.








如果我只在脑海里制造它们答复呢?一切不是你自造出来的: 提升,爱,关怀和积极共鸣的每一个想法,感受和信息都来自天使。请记住,我们都是上帝的一部分。




Path 32: Breaking Through the Real Meaning of Desire


I would like to share something interesting about the homework that I am going through as I am always fascinated about Kabbalah Pathworking and the Tree of Life. I tried working on this subject matter few years back but I just couldn’t start the journey.

Maybe, it is a calling now.

As I was travel along the line of the Malkuth towards Yesod through the path of 32, the emotional responses were shocked and I feel that whatever that belongs to the physicality now is not mine, as not permanent and they are only an end result of our manifestation. However the result could be a skewed manifestation due to the lack of courage to look at the real desire and feelings of oneself, thus creating temporary manifestation, illusion and hence darkness.

The ego self is always unable to accept the fact of recognizing our own true desire and mislead our conscious to seek something more easy and temporal. This result in not owning our dreams, and creating temporary refuge that leads to materialism, addiction and sex, plan of the ego to sabotage our true desire and feelings.

What is that we really desire? We may been thinking about the food we always wanted to eat, the dream home we wanted, the fabulous type of romantic girlfriend/boyfriend, the possessions we wanted to owned, the money we can spend, the list goes on. Are these desire or just a temporary “relief” towards the real feeling of your innerworld? I am not saying that materialism is not important in our physical world, please do not get me wrong, I am saying that it will not bring satisfaction towards your desire, the things that your soul hungers.

What we truly desire is at very best, being happy. Happiness is created through our internal dispositions, not external gains. Even in the bleakest of times, you can find something to be grateful for. In a nutshell, it is all about recognising our desire, knowing its root of origins on why do we desire this? Create a discernments on list on what are your true desire, what are desire being manipulated by our inner child, peer pressure, social enforcements or even just a temporary relief. 

The key to be able to make the travel of our conscious from the Sephiroth of Malkuth to Yesod, is to make discernment on what truly are our desires? Hence the proper channel and energy can be direct towards the creation of what our world will be.




如果你有机会做某事你最想做的事情是什么?是什么阻止了你?这是借口吗?没有什么可以阻止我们,或控制我们参与或实现任何现实。从一开始,一切都只是我们的感知。我们假设其他人限制我们自己进一步发展,而且我们也以别人为借口让我们自己留在舒适区。以别人为借口停止压制自己。我们真正理解这种伤害,痛苦和疲惫的感觉。 我们需要您专注于将您的想法从“假设”,任何阻止我们的事物,“为什么不”开始,并开始倾听我们如何使事情变得更好。这需要时间来调整,但至少要注意并注意你的愿望,并尝试将任何事情与别人联系起来,并以不要把每个人为借口。向我们寻求帮助并向全能的上帝祈祷,我们将表现出我们最好的支持和爱,以克服可能以你的方式出现的任何事情,因为我们是一个实体,你或我们是无限的,对所有可能性都是无限的。




If you were to given a chance to do something you most wanted to do what will it be? What was refraining you? Was it an excuse? There is nothing that holds us back, or controlling us from attending or attaining anything in reality. Everything were just our perception from the start. We made assumption of others that limits ourselves from progressing further, and also we use others as an excuse for ourselves so we can stay in the comfort zone. Stop suppressing yourself by using others as an excuse. We truly understand this feeling of hurt, pain and exhaustion.

We need you to focus on directing your thoughts from “what if”, anything that is stopping us, to “why not” and start to listen to how we can make things better. This may take time to adjust, but at least take notice and pay attention to your desire, and try not to relate anything to someone else and use everyone as an excuse. Ask us for help and pray to almighty God, we will show our best support and love to overcome anything that may come in your way, as we are one and you or we are limitless, limitless to all possibilities.

Anything is possible and live life without limitation.

Your Guardian Angel.

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