OveraCupofCoffee 感恩大家支持

感谢您的支持,我们对此深表感谢。我们的喷雾剂效果不错,希望更多的人能在许多情况下从中受益。讲授和分享神谕卡解读工作坊非常愉快,充满了爱心。我们还在康复课程中扩展了我们的知识,包括天使靈氣,香薰疗法和水晶自疗。这些导致我们与天使和你们一起美丽的体现,一个我们真正可以分享美丽的物品和以意识,意识和爱进行的对话的地方。希望很快见到您,我们将在下个月宣布有关服务的更多信息!Thank you for those who supported, we sincerely appreciate it. Our sprays have been doing great, and hope more people would find them useful in many situations. Teaching and sharing Oracle cards session have been fun and lovely. We also expanded our knowledge in healing works, that includes Angelic Reiki, Aromatherapy and Crystals works. These lead to our beautiful manifestation, together with the angels and you guys, a place we really can share beautiful items and conversations made with consciousness, awareness and love. Hope to see you soon, we will announce more about them next month!

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