What are our emotions? 我们的情感是什么?







One of the most beautiful gifts we received from the divine are our emotions. It works like a meter that is indicating the current state of our well-being. Whether you are sad or happy, angry or calm, joyful or frustrated, that let us know you true condition towards certain issues.

That is why we should not hide our emotions. Many of us love to hide our emotions by doing something deceiving like overeating, over indulging over something like alcohol and even sometimes drugs. We should embrace all of our emotions, so we could find our life lessons and that bring us into the vortex of our journey. Running away from our emotions will create illusions in our life. Emotions, no matter it is good or bad, it provides good opportunities for us to evolve.

The angels urge to stop hiding our emotions, that will only bring us to a lower level of consciousness. We understand that we brought up in a way that to honour and be a kind and loving person but if you’re not feeling good about something it is always acceptable to voice out your opinions. Most of the time we are judging other people perceptions. In the truth, people around would readily accept us as who we are.

Be patient with yourself. Remember, do not push down your feelings or judge your emotions, embrace them instead and to create a new perspective towards your current situation that are generally feeling better and more loving without any negative resistance.

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