Personal Sharing From AR Discussion


The sharing with Christine Core co-founder of Angelic Reiki was simply astonishing, each words are precise vibration of grace, love and full of wisdom. Thank you Angelic Reiki Malaysia – 天使靈氣 for organizing the group discussion session. Just a few take backs:-

1. Where are you rushing to go, where Divine is already here and now. To desire to wanting something so badly, wanting to going anywhere just show that we are not pleasant at the current moment. Same goes towards ascension, soul extension or whichever words you could named. It’s no where far, but here at the moment.

2. Healing is simply holding a presence with intention. Less is more. Conclusion comes from pain or no pain. That’s it.

3. Divine and angels are something the mind could not comprehend. No words to describe them, just a knowing of their presence. When there are no thoughts, no programs, no body, no history, no nothing, the presence is Divine. That is who we are. We are the I am. For those who have anything to add from the session welcome to share, for that we are learning together.

与Angelic Reiki的Christine Core的讨论真是太神奇了。她的每句话都是优雅,爱心和智慧的精确振动。感谢Angelic Reiki Malaysia-天使灵气举办小组讨论会。从我的观点来看,这只是一件值得分享的事情:




PS: For those who are keen to listen to the record, you could get Ally to pass them to you ❤

PS:对于那些渴望聆听唱片的人,您可以让Ally将它们传递给您 ❤

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