Non-interference affirmations


In a way, the thoughts we reflect, the feelings that we are getting and the emotions that we project could be temporary, and they are all affected by influences and constant brainwashing. Unless to give priority in listening inwards more. In which than we will gain confidence in what we are feeling and knowing is right or wrong. For the universe and the system could never lie or masked for a propaganda reason, but only for the benefits and unconditional love of humankind. In Him we lay our trust as long we are willing to listen inwards and let our ego aside. For we already know deep within the answers, even sometimes rationality just doesn’t make sense yet, could it be we are yet to be ready to perceive the truth of the all mankind. 🙏
PS: If you are interested, I am sharing an affirmation of non-interference that will help us in developing a stronger sense of own believes and confidence. Please check