Why grieving is important?


Many of us have bad experiences in our life. Some involved lost in something valuable to us. Do we take time to grief? Grieving such losses is important because it allows us to ‘free-up’ energy that is bound to the lost person, object, or experience-so that we might re-invest that energy elsewhere. Until we grieve effectively we are likely to find reinvesting difficult; a part of us remains tied to the past. Grieving is not forgetting. It is about learning to accept what has happen and embrace to grow over. Comforting ourselves in such period is crucial, it is one of the main support we need to be able to learn from these experiences.

The ultimate goal, here requires us to be a little more aware about our selves in which involving in balancing in all of our four bodies, not forgetting that the spiritual body is as important as the other three. “It is then that you realize that you are never alone,” for Him is with you. “You will know that there is something more than our earth/life experience, you will feel a form of unity with a higher force/energy, you will know that something “more” is for you and with you. You will also feel that you haven’t lost the connection to those you believe you have lost.” And perhaps most important, being balanced means “that you realize we are all worthy and whole beyond measure.”

New blessings from the Angelic Kingdom 2020

We are please to share 3 of our new blessings from the Angelic Kingdom. These are energy sprays that work on core belief system, imprints and to be at our most nature, loving, joyous self in dealing with our daily life without being affected by bad programmings and even ancestors and karmic imprints.

These sprays, co-created with the angels are from the perspective of the following:-

(1) Working from a perceptive of our Higher Heart Chakra and be free & liberated (you can read on how to overcome negative belief here). (Shamballa’s Spray)

(2) Be confident and be present with love & joy in dealing with our daily’s. (I Am Divine Spray)

(3) To take charge over negative markings and let go things from Ancestor’s and Karmic imprints which are no longer serving (you can read more here). (Ancestors & Karmic Clearing Spray)

These are the sprays that co-relate:-


Our Shamballa’s Spray activates our Higher Heart Chakra that allow us to be at our nature’s self that promotes freedom and liberation in all situations, as we know suffering only occur from our own colored visions, a perspective that we created. 

Filled with #essentialoil of #Geranium #Copaiba #Lime #Spearmint #Rose #Clementine #Frankincense and #Elixir #Chalicewell & #Hiddenite.

#HigherHeart #Natureself and to evoke #freedom & #liberation

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee



Our I Am Divine Spray elevate positive confidentiality that allow us to be at present with joy and love in all situations, when we are confidence in all situations, we feel present in the moment. Spray just to feel good about yourself!

Filled with #essentialoil of #Jasmine & #Vanilla and #Elixir #Oceanjasper.

#confidence #present and to evoke #love & #joy

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee



Our Ancestors & Karmic Clearing Spray allow us to be aware and clear enough of any negative imprints within our-self, and be courageous enough to let go what is no longer serving us from our cellular and systemic vibrations. 

Filled with #essentialoil of #Neroli #Grapefruit #Vetiver #Rose #Cedarwood #Cypress #Cinnamonbark #Hyssop #Frankincense #Myrtle #Sandalwood #Spikenard and #Elixir #Finlandshamanstone.

#negativeimprints #Ancestors #Karmic and to evoke #lettinggo & #clearing

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

Desire without egoism…

Moving along the path of the 31st in the tree of Life, the tremendous energy that we get from being firm and knowing what our true desires are. These desires are pure, beautiful and with contentment and joy, these are actually the true soul desire of you, without judgement and without ego. Things that make you happy without any suppression, things that do not judge, things that do not have any polarity, things that brings love together, things about just being and most importantly things that could not be question with a but.

Get the energy to move forward…

Along the path of the 31st Malkuth—Hod.

Energy and vitality will be at it’s peak when one knows what they would want in their life.

To be able to harvest this vitality and energy one have to be clear on their desire and that will be able to make peace with it without any dilemma.

When we are not clear with what we want , we would lost motion in life. We put into too many consideration that actually do not play any part important but only served as an excuse to us. To be at peace with our utmost desires allow us to feel empowered and strong with whole lot of energy and vitality.

Are you totally able to accept your desires? And make peace with them? How would you make peace with them?

Happy December!!


Happy December folks, it’s always nice to set some time relax and listen to yourself and people around you. Unwind those stressful time. Spend some time do things that is not important but are still in your list. This will not only give you the most beautiful gifts but also brings joy to people around you.

突破 Breakthrough


We are living in a small fear based space, a reality that we locked ourself in for who we think we are which is actually limited. Remember we are so much more than this. When we be present to listen to ourselves, we will then be able to free ourselves from the self created jail cell (Negative beliefs).

Clearing Negative Beliefs

We have always been sharing and continue learning about how things could make us to feel better, to be at joy at any given moment. However, there are times we could be affected by negative impacts that would sunder our wellbeingness. Today, we will be looking more in-depth towards the negative aspects of our self, how to make friends with it? And how to embrace it with a few more practical exercises.

This becomes prominent from the condition of our emotions and feelings and when we feel bad about something, we would automatically label the experience as negative impacts. What really makes those experiences to be negative to us are based on what we beliefs at that moment, and these beliefs programs can then be shared as negative beliefs system.

If we are not feeling good about something, it is always good to make friend with the feeling by identifying the root reasons, sometimes just by doing this, the belief system would just drop the affecting emotions.

If this doesn’t help, we then should ask ourselves what benefits are there that we are wanting to keep this beliefs. What are the points we are still keeping this beliefs despite bringing us negative impact? We would assuming that some part of this beliefs will bring us some benefits, but it’s only the an illusion from the ego that shielded us from making the right judgement, because our emotions would not comprehend hypocrites, it will not lie. Something that is affecting us in a non-joyful manner means it’s not joy, that’s it.

To this point, many things will be then be very clear to us. In response we will naturally be in the form of unconditionally love towards ourselves, we would drop the negative beliefs. If this doesn’t work again, repeat the whole process by writing down the negative emotion, root of cause and assumed fake benefits in a piece of paper and then meditate or contemplate on this topic, when we are able to raise beyond the perspective of the current vibration, when we relax and when we attune ourselves towards the higher vibration and higher self, answers and decisions become easy.

We can always practice this with any number of negative beliefs that we have and sort on. We hope this would help everyone in transcending our perceptions and vibrations moving towards 2020. If you are interested in reading how it will go you could take a read on our previous post here.


Kevin Gan