How to make peace with relationships?


Who would complain about peace and harmony with relationships? Have you ever wondered what are the main reasons conflicts occurred?

“Of such, at the very root cause, it has to do with the idea of putting a judgment on someone, just because anything that we do not agreed within us create resistances. And this dis-harmonies our well being.”

“As we stop judging anything, we create harmony within ourselves and this creates harmony with our surrounding.” BECAUSE when we judge someone, within ourselves we already create the possible block towards our future relationships. Try stop judging the person that you always have negative interactions with, and you will notice the improvement in the relationship.


Gardening is very similar. Stop judging the plants on how they should grow and you would feel disappointed if they do not grow as what you should expect. This happens when the plants just didn’t thrive. Instead we should do best what we can and let them grow with acceptance. These are one the fast grower philodendrons. They are amazing and have beautiful foliage.

Non-interference affirmations


In a way, the thoughts we reflect, the feelings that we are getting and the emotions that we project could be temporary, and they are all affected by influences and constant brainwashing. Unless to give priority in listening inwards more. In which than we will gain confidence in what we are feeling and knowing is right or wrong. For the universe and the system could never lie or masked for a propaganda reason, but only for the benefits and unconditional love of humankind. In Him we lay our trust as long we are willing to listen inwards and let our ego aside. For we already know deep within the answers, even sometimes rationality just doesn’t make sense yet, could it be we are yet to be ready to perceive the truth of the all mankind. 🙏
PS: If you are interested, I am sharing an affirmation of non-interference that will help us in developing a stronger sense of own believes and confidence. Please check

Archangel Uriel prayer


Dear Archangel Uriel, the Archangel of the North. Please guide me to see the light among the shadows. Please show me what are the best circumstances and bring me and people around me the best options that is filled with love and light. We may not yet ready to perceive what are the best for us, but we could trust the divine have already dictate the most beautiful plan for everyone. Many of us may start to get use to this lifestyle and adopting to it even it is causing some degree of pain inside, and we totally understand that. And yet, many of the people are having great challenges during this period. Some have financial, career, hunger, relationships or even egoism problems. What we could do being the blessed ones, is to help and give a hand to those less fortunate. It is not just about charity but it is also about helping people around you. Give charity if you are able, share with those in needs if you are blessed. It is about going through together.

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Gifts from the Divine

Many people have asked me since, what are the angels? There could be different types of answers given from different perspectives. In angelic reiki, angels are simply gifts from the Divine. They truly are some beings or aspect out there that would give us the most love when we needed them the most. Some would say I do not feel them. Well, since it’s a gift and it’s from the Divine, a gift is simply something that you will get it only when you want to receive it. Are you willing to feel the angels? Since then, many things shape up my life through the angels, and they are everywhere and anywhere, in my work, in my GX-classes, in my plants, in family and relationships bonding, just everything. I would like to share three steps I do to allow my connection to angels whenever I needed them. Do you want to try?

(1) Changing of perspective, expansion of consciousness can happen as long as we let go our prior believes and accept that anything is possible.

(2) Love what you do, do what you love.

(3) Calmness and connection back to light is the first step towards all crisis. We were never disconnected from the light, the angels, the divine. When we relax, it is when we see the light (It is not when we focus, we see the light.)



Shamanic Drum…


Despite working as a shamanic drum that disengages the brain’s awareness of outside activities and blocks their input and heightens activity in brain networks that help that brain to enter “an internally directed conscious state”, I was guided by the angels to incorporate the Angelic Reiki symbols into shamanic drums. I painted two drums with the Reiki symbols, the Chokurei and that I am holding is the Mae Loong Reiki Symbol – The Tibetan Fire Serpent. This symbol helps one realize the ultimate truth and also ground at the same time. I do not always use the drums in my healing sessions, but it works perfectly well when we need to ground the energy, it gives a hand on making the vibrations to be activated faster and holding on longer. After all the intention of the drum to funnel and direct energy in a way. To those who wanted to understand more, there is a Hawaiian Huna sharing that says that “MAKIA – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking off, will grow in your reality”. So it is really important where do we put our thoughts, we all do want happiness and well-being don’t we? 🙏

Oracle Cards…

Many have asked me “Why use oracle cards at all?” They said that they cannot find purpose to connect to these cards. In short, oracle cards assist us to look for clues and answers inside our subconscious, from our higher self and from the divine. Oracle cards can be use personally for our own personal growth, also it can be used to help and heal others.
Let’s bring back to the plain purpose of our existence in this universe; simple, to grow and to expand as designed. We would want to be able look inwardly of what are our needs and the same time we would also want to listen to the universe and our guides, as such we would gain a clearer direction on our personal growth and what to do next.
Oracle cards are powerful, the power of these cards lies in the fact that they open up our senses and sensitivity towards, signs, messages and vibrations, that works to ease and to simplify the connection towards the universe, the angels and the divine. Many can say that oracle reading is a form of assisted channeling process! Such powerful tools, are in fact not limited to personal growth but can be shared and can be use to help others! 🙏


The Dolphins


The Dolphins are the ones that conjure happiness everywhere. They are the one that truly understand to live peacefully in this physical plane, we must be able to live our consciousness at a higher perspective. Thoughts and feelings are temporary, for what is permanent is knowing that we are all made from the aspect of the light and love. No matter in what situation we could actually just laugh it off. This is the fact, this is our fixed design. 🙏❤️

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Why grieving is important?


Many of us have bad experiences in our life. Some involved lost in something valuable to us. Do we take time to grief? Grieving such losses is important because it allows us to ‘free-up’ energy that is bound to the lost person, object, or experience-so that we might re-invest that energy elsewhere. Until we grieve effectively we are likely to find reinvesting difficult; a part of us remains tied to the past. Grieving is not forgetting. It is about learning to accept what has happen and embrace to grow over. Comforting ourselves in such period is crucial, it is one of the main support we need to be able to learn from these experiences.

The ultimate goal, here requires us to be a little more aware about our selves in which involving in balancing in all of our four bodies, not forgetting that the spiritual body is as important as the other three. “It is then that you realize that you are never alone,” for Him is with you. “You will know that there is something more than our earth/life experience, you will feel a form of unity with a higher force/energy, you will know that something “more” is for you and with you. You will also feel that you haven’t lost the connection to those you believe you have lost.” And perhaps most important, being balanced means “that you realize we are all worthy and whole beyond measure.”