Non-interference affirmations


In a way, the thoughts we reflect, the feelings that we are getting and the emotions that we project could be temporary, and they are all affected by influences and constant brainwashing. Unless to give priority in listening inwards more. In which than we will gain confidence in what we are feeling and knowing is right or wrong. For the universe and the system could never lie or masked for a propaganda reason, but only for the benefits and unconditional love of humankind. In Him we lay our trust as long we are willing to listen inwards and let our ego aside. For we already know deep within the answers, even sometimes rationality just doesn’t make sense yet, could it be we are yet to be ready to perceive the truth of the all mankind. 🙏
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Oracle Cards…

Many have asked me “Why use oracle cards at all?” They said that they cannot find purpose to connect to these cards. In short, oracle cards assist us to look for clues and answers inside our subconscious, from our higher self and from the divine. Oracle cards can be use personally for our own personal growth, also it can be used to help and heal others.
Let’s bring back to the plain purpose of our existence in this universe; simple, to grow and to expand as designed. We would want to be able look inwardly of what are our needs and the same time we would also want to listen to the universe and our guides, as such we would gain a clearer direction on our personal growth and what to do next.
Oracle cards are powerful, the power of these cards lies in the fact that they open up our senses and sensitivity towards, signs, messages and vibrations, that works to ease and to simplify the connection towards the universe, the angels and the divine. Many can say that oracle reading is a form of assisted channeling process! Such powerful tools, are in fact not limited to personal growth but can be shared and can be use to help others! 🙏


The Dolphins


The Dolphins are the ones that conjure happiness everywhere. They are the one that truly understand to live peacefully in this physical plane, we must be able to live our consciousness at a higher perspective. Thoughts and feelings are temporary, for what is permanent is knowing that we are all made from the aspect of the light and love. No matter in what situation we could actually just laugh it off. This is the fact, this is our fixed design. 🙏❤️

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Path 31



When you’re ready enough to look at your utmost desire and to be brave enough to move forward. You will create a vast potential of energy and vitality for you to sort things out naturally with the most beautiful and easiest solution.

After all, it’s just a mind over matter issue, really there is nothing right nor wrong within your inner perception and issues could just as easily be sorted within.

Path 31 (Malkuth—>Hod)

It’s today !

Hey guys please come visit us at the Plant & Pot Studio today and tomorrow. Yes everything is going at very special promotion price.

We understand that we may be going through some tough time at work, personal matters and etc. The angels are telling us to remain positive. This doesn’t means that things will be promised on turning out to be positive. But, the idea of remaining positive is about guarding your inner flame to be positive no matter what happen. What is more valuable than everything? It is your inner peace and that is what they say, remain positive.



Lots of love and light.

Kevin Gan. ❤️

Autumn Market November 2019

Hey guys just to let you know OveraCupofCoffee NewAge are joining the Autumn Market next weekend.

We will bring crystals assesories and also oracle cards reading. There will be also food, handmade products, fashion, workshops, art pieces, organic products and lots more at the market!

Come experience the AUTUMN MARKET🍂🍁 on 2 & 3 Nov 2019 Plant & Pot Studio Puchong.

Many hugs and hope for your kind support.

Thank you!

Oracle Cards Reading Workshop

Wrapped up our oracle cards reading workshop, it was really beautiful ending with so much joy, laugter and love together with all our soul brothers and sisters. Sharing is indeed caring. Much more to share and learn from the angels and the divine.
Confidence and courage comes naturally when we take simple steps towards what we want, it may not be something profoundly visible yet, but as long as we are making a small move, it really sparks joy at where we are.
Thank you & Blessed be.
@ Angelic Reiki Malaysia – 天使靈氣

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