Why grieving is important?


Many of us have bad experiences in our life. Some involved lost in something valuable to us. Do we take time to grief? Grieving such losses is important because it allows us to ‘free-up’ energy that is bound to the lost person, object, or experience-so that we might re-invest that energy elsewhere. Until we grieve effectively we are likely to find reinvesting difficult; a part of us remains tied to the past. Grieving is not forgetting. It is about learning to accept what has happen and embrace to grow over. Comforting ourselves in such period is crucial, it is one of the main support we need to be able to learn from these experiences.

The ultimate goal, here requires us to be a little more aware about our selves in which involving in balancing in all of our four bodies, not forgetting that the spiritual body is as important as the other three. “It is then that you realize that you are never alone,” for Him is with you. “You will know that there is something more than our earth/life experience, you will feel a form of unity with a higher force/energy, you will know that something “more” is for you and with you. You will also feel that you haven’t lost the connection to those you believe you have lost.” And perhaps most important, being balanced means “that you realize we are all worthy and whole beyond measure.”

New blessings from the Angelic Kingdom 2020

We are please to share 3 of our new blessings from the Angelic Kingdom. These are energy sprays that work on core belief system, imprints and to be at our most nature, loving, joyous self in dealing with our daily life without being affected by bad programmings and even ancestors and karmic imprints.

These sprays, co-created with the angels are from the perspective of the following:-

(1) Working from a perceptive of our Higher Heart Chakra and be free & liberated (you can read on how to overcome negative belief here). (Shamballa’s Spray)

(2) Be confident and be present with love & joy in dealing with our daily’s. (I Am Divine Spray)

(3) To take charge over negative markings and let go things from Ancestor’s and Karmic imprints which are no longer serving (you can read more here). (Ancestors & Karmic Clearing Spray)

These are the sprays that co-relate:-


Our Shamballa’s Spray activates our Higher Heart Chakra that allow us to be at our nature’s self that promotes freedom and liberation in all situations, as we know suffering only occur from our own colored visions, a perspective that we created. 

Filled with #essentialoil of #Geranium #Copaiba #Lime #Spearmint #Rose #Clementine #Frankincense and #Elixir #Chalicewell & #Hiddenite.

#HigherHeart #Natureself and to evoke #freedom & #liberation

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee



Our I Am Divine Spray elevate positive confidentiality that allow us to be at present with joy and love in all situations, when we are confidence in all situations, we feel present in the moment. Spray just to feel good about yourself!

Filled with #essentialoil of #Jasmine & #Vanilla and #Elixir #Oceanjasper.

#confidence #present and to evoke #love & #joy

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee



Our Ancestors & Karmic Clearing Spray allow us to be aware and clear enough of any negative imprints within our-self, and be courageous enough to let go what is no longer serving us from our cellular and systemic vibrations. 

Filled with #essentialoil of #Neroli #Grapefruit #Vetiver #Rose #Cedarwood #Cypress #Cinnamonbark #Hyssop #Frankincense #Myrtle #Sandalwood #Spikenard and #Elixir #Finlandshamanstone.

#negativeimprints #Ancestors #Karmic and to evoke #lettinggo & #clearing

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

如何创造丰富的财富? How to Create Abundance?









This is something I always share to people around me and even to remind myself to be mindful and present of what really brings us total satisfaction and abundance. I understand that the current condition could be very bad and could be worse to some people if we continue giving ourselves excuses. Many people have lost their jobs and some even are in the midst of securing their “rice-bowls”, some just do not hit the target they want in sales.

So, what can we do about this situation? The old fashion way will be sharing that, save money, spend less and look for a job, we know that could help us momentarily but what help best comes from inside of you.

Human are easily distracted from paying attention towards the goodness around them. This could be due to the nature of the subconscious mind of wanting more and never had enough. This created a hunger. When we are living in the “never enough world perceptions”, we would naturally pay more attention towards the bad experiences. In this modern culture, the public would give less notices or attentions on the good things that is happening around them but to complaint on things that they feel is not good enough.

This bring us back of being grateful, and give attention towards what we appreciate, we are contented and we know we will be even happy when we see what are the greatness in everything. When we open ourselves towards gratefulness, we open up our vision of many possibilities. Chances of seeing another opportunity becomes prominent.

Creating abundance in this sense is a inner world battle between your mind ego and your spiritual self of giving yourself this opportunity to tackle this egoism of anything that would have build throughout your experience in this world and allow possibilities to enhance your soul venture. Just because you deserve them. When you feel deserving is when you will capture these opportunities that is actually just Infront of you.

Nothing is hard to do, and nothing actually is needed to be done. Pay more attention to what is around us that make us feel grateful, satisfied and eventually abundance will come as you feel more deserving.


This is the new vibration and energy pattern we are experiencing right now, a kind of new shift, a kind of new revolution and total acension, “It’s about integrating all of our trueselves into spiritually.”


The urge of dislipline oneself unwillingly to attain something are constantly betrayaling ourselves into fake images, hypocrites. We just need to be down to earth, be who you feel like being and same time integrate spirituality into our daily life.


So in conclusion, 为了提升灵性,我们需要超越对偶性的观点,因为这个世界上没有好是坏,只有正面和负面的极性。甚至我们正在经历的负面影响,也是帮助我们通过变革进一步扩展的关键。




Expressing love can be sometime challenging to us. Not everyone would readily say “I love you” and not everyone is always with a sweet mouth.

Another way of expressing love is through actions. Showing people around you that you care can be done by doing small things for them in their daily life. Just by giving small attention to them can signify big expresssions. This also promotes gratitude in our life and hence creates and manifest more love into our life.

Path 32: Breaking Through the Real Meaning of Desire


I would like to share something interesting about the homework that I am going through as I am always fascinated about Kabbalah Pathworking and the Tree of Life. I tried working on this subject matter few years back but I just couldn’t start the journey.

Maybe, it is a calling now.

As I was travel along the line of the Malkuth towards Yesod through the path of 32, the emotional responses were shocked and I feel that whatever that belongs to the physicality now is not mine, as not permanent and they are only an end result of our manifestation. However the result could be a skewed manifestation due to the lack of courage to look at the real desire and feelings of oneself, thus creating temporary manifestation, illusion and hence darkness.

The ego self is always unable to accept the fact of recognizing our own true desire and mislead our conscious to seek something more easy and temporal. This result in not owning our dreams, and creating temporary refuge that leads to materialism, addiction and sex, plan of the ego to sabotage our true desire and feelings.

What is that we really desire? We may been thinking about the food we always wanted to eat, the dream home we wanted, the fabulous type of romantic girlfriend/boyfriend, the possessions we wanted to owned, the money we can spend, the list goes on. Are these desire or just a temporary “relief” towards the real feeling of your innerworld? I am not saying that materialism is not important in our physical world, please do not get me wrong, I am saying that it will not bring satisfaction towards your desire, the things that your soul hungers.

What we truly desire is at very best, being happy. Happiness is created through our internal dispositions, not external gains. Even in the bleakest of times, you can find something to be grateful for. In a nutshell, it is all about recognising our desire, knowing its root of origins on why do we desire this? Create a discernments on list on what are your true desire, what are desire being manipulated by our inner child, peer pressure, social enforcements or even just a temporary relief. 

The key to be able to make the travel of our conscious from the Sephiroth of Malkuth to Yesod, is to make discernment on what truly are our desires? Hence the proper channel and energy can be direct towards the creation of what our world will be.



Oracle Reading Workshop November 2019


Hey friends, you can register for this Oracle Reading Workshop if you are connected. We will be sharing lots of lovely and heart opening moments together too.

Register Here 


Who are the Angels?



Some of us see that angels as supreme beings, and some even say they are part of ourselves. Whichever way we choose to understand and experience them is fine, as it is true for all. The inner world and the outer world are not so very different, and they are manifestation of God.

Angelic Reiki Practitioner Level

It was a amazing journey again this time persuing our journey as a professional Angelic Reiki Practitioner. They were two healing modalities that works as an extension version of the other four modalities. They were the magnetic and radiatory healings. Which works in-depth and simultaneously with the healing methods we learnt in Angelic Reiki 1&2 and 3&4. They are amazing which works to focus and intensify the previous modalities, because they trained us to facilitate the healing of the angels with extended consciousness.

Each of the healing modalities have their advantages and will naturally work best for each healing session. As we do not choose or pre-plan any method with the healing modalities, we will normally go with the flow of the angels and allow the method that will suit best for the session.

Beside learning these amazing methods, the deepest lesson that I have learnt is about allowing what was and accepting what is. Even we could say that we truly love someone, like our love ones or family members, but do we accept them? or are we tolerating them? And try to accommodate our real feelings? To truly accept something or someone, is not about using our love to tolerate what were, but is to let go and allow what were and to make a new alignment with them. To allow is easy.

What stop us from feeling good is only within ourselves. Next time when we are tolerating something, ask what trigger the emotions. What are the limiting believes that cause the pain within oneselves.

To accept something is to allow them to be what they are and let go what is within ourselves, as the first step is to stop all judgements and polarized view towards any opinions, some may even consider immoral in our linear timeline, but who are we to judge? In the Oneness there is no duality of Good vs Evil, there will be no judgement but just allowance. Acceptance then is another extension which is a bonus after allowance that require us to be in alignment, which is not compulsory but will bring improved harmony within relationships and things.

Hope this sharing can be helpful.

Thank you the angels, the team and our teacher, Ms. Ally, Namaste!

Meanwhile, I have 3 free sessions of Angelic Reiki to offer soon, serve to record and help us in practice and returning like a favour to the community. I will announce soon…