Gratitude and Appreciation


“The answers for life is to stop searching what you need and start realising what you already have.” madphilosopher.k
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Who are the Angels?



Some of us see that angels as supreme beings, and some even say they are part of ourselves. Whichever way we choose to understand and experience them is fine, as it is true for all. The inner world and the outer world are not so very different, and they are manifestation of God.

Angelic Reiki Practitioner Level

It was a amazing journey again this time persuing our journey as a professional Angelic Reiki Practitioner. They were two healing modalities that works as an extension version of the other four modalities. They were the magnetic and radiatory healings. Which works in-depth and simultaneously with the healing methods we learnt in Angelic Reiki 1&2 and 3&4. They are amazing which works to focus and intensify the previous modalities, because they trained us to facilitate the healing of the angels with extended consciousness.

Each of the healing modalities have their advantages and will naturally work best for each healing session. As we do not choose or pre-plan any method with the healing modalities, we will normally go with the flow of the angels and allow the method that will suit best for the session.

Beside learning these amazing methods, the deepest lesson that I have learnt is about allowing what was and accepting what is. Even we could say that we truly love someone, like our love ones or family members, but do we accept them? or are we tolerating them? And try to accommodate our real feelings? To truly accept something or someone, is not about using our love to tolerate what were, but is to let go and allow what were and to make a new alignment with them. To allow is easy.

What stop us from feeling good is only within ourselves. Next time when we are tolerating something, ask what trigger the emotions. What are the limiting believes that cause the pain within oneselves.

To accept something is to allow them to be what they are and let go what is within ourselves, as the first step is to stop all judgements and polarized view towards any opinions, some may even consider immoral in our linear timeline, but who are we to judge? In the Oneness there is no duality of Good vs Evil, there will be no judgement but just allowance. Acceptance then is another extension which is a bonus after allowance that require us to be in alignment, which is not compulsory but will bring improved harmony within relationships and things.

Hope this sharing can be helpful.

Thank you the angels, the team and our teacher, Ms. Ally, Namaste!

Meanwhile, I have 3 free sessions of Angelic Reiki to offer soon, serve to record and help us in practice and returning like a favour to the community. I will announce soon…

接受的真实意思 Allowance & Acceptance



Things that within our mind is as real as within our physical reach,


Patience and tolerance is what we perceive that will bring peace,


But the more we endure the more we feel malice,


When can these pain of patience and tolerance will be at ease?


The pain we feel do not initiate from our physical reach, 


It is not about being patience and tolerance like what we used to preach and practice,


Towards the peace we try to reach,


It is ALL about letting go our assumptions and expectations towards what that do not keep us at peace. 



How to create a Harmonizing “You”?


To live in a total peace and harmonize relationships with people around us is one of the best feeling we could be wanting. Have you ever wondered what are the main reasons conflicts occurred within you and your boss, colleagues, lover, friends and even family?

Rather than most of us are trying to sort out such an issue, we choose to ignore and move on from the relationships or we would even choose to react and fight back. However, problem could be coming from within us.

There could be many surface reasons of such toxic connections that we have built within ourselves, as human; like competition, self praise, selfishness and etc that arising out of ego that are cataclysmic in relationships. But, there could be more why we would react this way.

“Of such, at the very root cause, it has to do with the idea of putting a judgement of others within our mind, because anything that we do not agree with ultimately creates a resistance and this disharmonize our well being.”

“As we stop judging anything, we create harmony within ourselves and this creates harmony with our surrounding.”

All of us have a different role to play in this universe. What may seem strange to you may be perfectly normal to another. All of us are here on the journey of discovery, we all are having our own experience, as we harm no one, we let go any hatred of others and keeping the harmonising within ourselves. 

Blessed Be.


Archangel Gabriel Oracle Reading 02/10/17-08/10/17


This week oracle reading 02/10/17-08/10/17, we will be working on a 3 cards spread with the Archangel Gabriel Cards from Doreen Virtue for contemplation and guidance especially supporting in bringing messages from God which includes communications. Archangel Gabriel works like our supporting mentor and also help sensitive children.
These cards not only supports the works on human messengers such as writers, artist, craftspeople, musicians, teachers, journalist and more, everyone could also be benefit in getting mentor-ship from Archangel Gabriel especially we are communication and expressionism of our own life.
We herewith pray for an answer for what are the messages that are needed for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New Age and to whoever attracts to read for contemplation and self-help.
1. What is the main issue? Express Your Inner Truth: We have been getting the vibrations that most of us are go going through changes in our life, some of of us might feel drained and lost , the ego always wanted us to forget about our motives in our life. One of the reason this happens is due to that we are unable to honor our true feelings and thoughts.
2. What do we need to focus on? Editor : Allowing ourselves to accept help/s from others help us to recognize our situation and condition, which we acknowledge of our capabilities and needs, and be genuine in expressing our feelings and thoughts. This not only open up helps as we are going through life events, but so help us to recognize our abilities. Ask for help!
3. What we desired? Speeches and Speaking: We are all God’s children, what we long last desire is to be happy and to feel the love with everyone. Being able to share important messages and helping others is always our motive. As we allow our selves to be helped, we become genuine about our own feelings and thoughts, and, we set examples of well being, and we could share with others that being truthful with ourselves is important as this will help them for their well being too.

Prayers: “Dear God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, archangels and the angels, thank you for helping us to know that it is okay to ask for help, as this will help us in recognize our capabilities and be genuine in our feelings and thoughts. As such we are truthful for ourselves and express our well being not just for ourselves but to also share and help the others. Thank you and Amen!”

<Ephesians 4:15, NIV>
Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.

<1 Kings 12:6-7>
King Rehoboam consulted with the older advisers who had served his father Solomon when he had been alive. He asked them, “How do you advise me to answer these people?” They said to him, “Today if you show a willingness to help these people and grant their request, they will be your servants from this time forward.”

Young living blends: Highest Potential, Surrender
Young living singles: Lavender, Sandalwood
Crystals: Blue Calcite, Azurite
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Cherub Angel Cards For Children Oracle Reading 25/09/17-01/10/17


This week oracle reading 25/09/17-01/10/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Cherub Angel Cards For Children from Doreen Virtue for any topics of contemplation and guidance.

These are cards designed specially for children for their concerns and daily life, providing a safe, non-denominational, and positive way to discuss how God’s angels protect and guide us all. Although these cards are for children, these cards can be use too by everyone concerning every situations.

We herewith pray for an answer for what are the messages that are needed for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New Age and to whoever attracts to read for contemplation and self-help.

1. What is the main issue? Imagine yourself Happy: Have we forgotten to be happy? We indeed are happy beings by nature, for simplest reason we would be contended and happy, seeking for reason to be happy. We need to put the right attention on things that makes us happy because there is no reason not to be happy.

2. What do we need to focus on? A true friend listens to your feelings : We are beings that love to be warm, compassionate, full of love, we would be lonely If we do no have companionship and friends in our life. We indeed value the relationships with others, but sometimes that has gone over board that we might become too afraid to lose the people we precious much, so we would pleased them and make them happy so they would stay with us. For this we put priority of other people happiness and neglected our own. This is when we forgot our own happiness. However, please do not be worry much, because all these are from our perspective, because true friend value you for who you are and will be there for you in all circumstances. Just be yourself.

3. What we desired? Enjoy being outdoors: We cannot be ourselves unless we be our self. As we stop pleasing others, we feel very much open and friends, relationships and situations we attracts are those which are “true”. As such we would enjoy, be happy and be contended presenting our self anywhere we would be. We become more confidence in ourselves, and as such, we enjoy going out getting to know more people, creating more beautiful bonds and improving social and personal relationships.

Prayers: “Dear God, Holy Spirit, archangels and the angels, thank you for helping us to be understand that sometimes we forget to be happy because we do not know that it is okay to be ourselves, of which there is no need to please people just to make them happy, because true friends and relationships listen and accept who we truly are. Being ourselves open up our true social relationships with happiness and joy. Thank you and Amen!”

<Ephesians 6:7>
Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.
<Psalm 37:4>
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Young living blends: Friends, Live with Passion
Young living singles: Myrtle, Jasmine
Crystals: Larimar, Yellow Topaz
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Archangel Power Reading 18/09/17-24/09/17


This week oracle reading 18/09/17-24/09/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Archangel Power Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine for any topics of contemplation and guidance.

Archangels are extraordinary beings, extensions of God himself, personifying his grace and majesty and power. All the archangels are healers. They come as master surgeons to repair our bodies, even as they mend the garments of our souls. They will be more willing to help us, just only we would allow ourselves to ask.

Incooperating the Archangels’ energy with the tarot, we herewith pray for an answer for what are the messages that are needed for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New Age and to whoever attracts to read for contemplation and self-help.

1. What is the main issue? Queen of Gabriel: Not willing to take the next step and by seeking excuses and not trusting ourselves. Go after what you desired most.

2. What do we need to focus on? Seven of Gabriel : Trust and believe in yourself and surrender to God, as His mighty will be able to overcome all obstacles and restritions, we will have confidence in ourselves with God. Godfidence.

3. What we desired? Five of Raphael: To see the good in all. With God’s confidence as we are brave enough to move forward for our passion and knowing everything will work out eventually for the best of all.

Prayers: “Dear God, Holy Spirit, archangels and the angels, thank you for helping us to have the courage to move forward with our life with God’s confidence. And we would know everything will work out for the best of all eventually. Thank you and Amen!”

<Romans 8:28>

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Young living blends: Valor, Surrender
Young living singles: Sandalwood, Black Pepper
Crystals: Tiger’s eyes, Danburite
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Reading 21/08/17-27/08/17


This week oracle reading 21/08/17-27/08/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue for assistance and guidance.

Mother Mary is beloved for the purity of her compassion, nurturing, and protection. She cares deeply about each of us, and gives us tender motherly advice about every part of life. Her grace and interaction with angels throughout her journey shows us her connection with the angels; thus Mary Queen of Angels.

We herewith pray for an answer for what are the messages that might help us all in general for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New age and to whoever attracts to read.

  1. The origin card, Watched Over: Sometimes we might be afraid of the future, of which what might happen if we take this step, or doubting what good might be coming to us, as such worries and anxieties has always been the issue. We instead should stay with the faith and trust towards God, knowing that every guided step is safe and for the good of divine’s plan.
    2. The action card, Love: When we are afraid of looking at the future, worrying bad things might happen to us. We are lack of love. Love is the energy for life, as we feel the present of Love we feel the present of God, and we will develop trust and faith towards Him, and know that we are watched over and safe.
  2. The achievement card, Giving and Receiving: One of the method to feel more love in our life, is to involve in giving and receiving. The important of developing sharing and loving within each other by the acting of giving and receiving from others, entrust us with the feeling of love. Giving and receiving can be made simple, within the family, friends, colleague, people around you, the society and even volunteering works.

Prayers: “Dear God, Jesus, Mary and the angels, thank you for helping us to participate more in giving and receiving from others, as so we would feel more love in the presence of God and with love, we would have more faith and trust from God and the angels knowing they are always watching over us, and we are safe and always protected. Thank you and Amen!”

<Romans 5:5>

And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

<Hebrews 13:15-16 >

Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.

Young living blends: Harmony, Aroma Life
Young living singles: Ylang Ylang, Mandarin
Crystals: Rose Quartz, Labradorite
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662