Archangel Power Reading 18/09/17-24/09/17


This week oracle reading 18/09/17-24/09/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Archangel Power Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine for any topics of contemplation and guidance.

Archangels are extraordinary beings, extensions of God himself, personifying his grace and majesty and power. All the archangels are healers. They come as master surgeons to repair our bodies, even as they mend the garments of our souls. They will be more willing to help us, just only we would allow ourselves to ask.

Incooperating the Archangels’ energy with the tarot, we herewith pray for an answer for what are the messages that are needed for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New Age and to whoever attracts to read for contemplation and self-help.

1. What is the main issue? Queen of Gabriel: Not willing to take the next step and by seeking excuses and not trusting ourselves. Go after what you desired most.

2. What do we need to focus on? Seven of Gabriel : Trust and believe in yourself and surrender to God, as His mighty will be able to overcome all obstacles and restritions, we will have confidence in ourselves with God. Godfidence.

3. What we desired? Five of Raphael: To see the good in all. With God’s confidence as we are brave enough to move forward for our passion and knowing everything will work out eventually for the best of all.

Prayers: “Dear God, Holy Spirit, archangels and the angels, thank you for helping us to have the courage to move forward with our life with God’s confidence. And we would know everything will work out for the best of all eventually. Thank you and Amen!”

<Romans 8:28>

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Young living blends: Valor, Surrender
Young living singles: Sandalwood, Black Pepper
Crystals: Tiger’s eyes, Danburite
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle reading 27/03/17-02/04/17


This week Oracle reading 27/03/17-02/04/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Archangel Raphael heals everyone and works with all of the healers and medical practitioners. We seek reading for our own general health healing and how could we be awaken for our natural healing abilities.
1. The based card, Alternative Medicine: There are times where alternative medicine would bring more results of healing to a person. Archangel Raphael emphasis that alternative medicine has it role on healing a person as a whole conceiving the spiritual body, mental body, emotional body and physical body. However, part of us may be skeptical towards alternative medicine.
2. The challenge card, Organic Foods: this card shows that our body are really sensitive towards chemicals, eating chemical free is the first step for healing. Take it as an investment for our body, wellness and health. As we gain more awareness about eating organic does improve in terms of our health and sensitivity, we will be more able to understand that how alternative medicine could help healing in term of wholeness.
3. The outcome, Inner Authority: as we eat organic, we would become more prone in accepting the alternative medicines and we would regain the confidence and power of improving our health, the ability to live healthy lifestyle.
Prayers: “Dear God, Archangel Raphael and all the angels, we ask you to help us to start investing in eating organic and reduce the chemical in our body, so we could become more aware and accepting/non-skeptic for the alternative medicine. As such, this will regained our inner authority towards the awesomeness of our health and wellness. Thank you and Amen!”
Young living blends: acceptance, peace & calming I/II
Young living singles: jasmine, rose, geranium, neroli, lavender
Crystals: garnet, malachite, labradorite
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 373466

Fearless Connection

When was the last time you see feathers appearing to you unintendedly? There are always constants reminders that we are not alone. The angels are by our side all the time…


Let’s not fear, let’s valor into what your life purpose is, replace your negative believes with positive affirmations – Archangel Michael