Switching Realities


There have been times in lucid dreaming that are so vivid that I remembered, I found myself in places where I used to be, or even in place that I have not been. Best of which, I then realized the potential of consciousness at different times that I have found myself in. This does not happen once, or twice, but rather reoccurring until I got the idea, installed and downloaded.

I meditate inwardly and seek for guidance, contemplating. Archangel Metatron exclaimed that in the concept of oneness, everything is one, and we are part of God and beyond the third dimensional reality, there is no time and space, every possibilities and realities have already happen. Since consciousness is something that is not limited to our third dimensional world, and it is something beyond our linear timeline to be comprehended, it is then not governed by time and space, thus not bounded by only one possibility and reality if we could put focus and intention into it consciously; energy goes where attention goes.

Reality can be jumped from one possibility to another possibility when our perceptions shifted because of the changing consciousness that we choose to focus, as such this will create our third dimensional reality into our “outside-world” in a linear timeline. “We create our own reality from what recites and happens in our “inner-world”, will create whatever we experience in our reality.

We would like to give example of how to applying this concept can bring the best potential in you:-

(1) Unable to perform at best due to trauma – Traumatic issues, where a child experience trauma at a very young age, registering, at his/her subconscious this condition, later in life he/she would be having symptoms from such traumatic event. This program runs in the child and to overwrites this core program, we need to bring this person, back to where the traumatic program was installed, and into attention, through consciousness travelling back in time, we reiterate, the condition where to convince that this child on what if? (what if you were never experience such traumatic event, focus on the feelings of such, and let time lapse towards the future, allowing such program to reinstall and reactivate, ask this person, to visualize what will you be if as such? We may add positive events to replace the original program) We may need to have more than few sessions to solidify this concept. This method can be use to unleash our highest potential in the present linear timeline when we encounter limitation at solving/choosing a solution towards any problems and blocks.

Can be work on most first degree issues and programs. (I will explain more of this later, as we do not have more information about this, second degree or more could be something that work with the dimension of energy imprints and ancestors karmic imprints, another topic to explore.)

(2) Unable to perform at best due to weak determinism – Since as we were talking about how time and space do not register beyond third dimension, the consciousness from our future self and be tap into and even possible futures. Thus, the possibilities of doing anything you want if possible, if you are giving enough attention into it. Same method, tap into the consciousness of your desired results, and fully experience the conditions of such and bring what will you feel into the present third dimension moment, stabilize your present and possible consciousnesses, result of manifestation depends on how close we could bring both consciousnesses together and merge them eventually. This method can be use to unleash our highest potential in the present linear timeline when we encounter weak determinism and determination towards a solution of any problems and blocks.

It is all about switching to your best possible potential.


There are limitless possibilities from our different selves just by tuning into our different awareness of realities.

There is no time and there is no space.
Archangel Metatron

Daily Guidance from your Angels oracle reading for 13/11/2017 – 19/11/2017


These are Daily Guidance from your Angels oracle cards that we will be using for the week 13/11/2017 – 19/11/2017, we are guided to pull 3 cards for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New age and to whoever attracts to read as contemplation. There have been stress and worries recently of which we could be lost in life and we may feel incomplete and unmotivated in our life in our own ways. Instead we should surround our selves with achievements and goals that will allow us deepen our passions and life’s direction. If you are guided to do something new and different in your life, that could be starting a new business, changing a new job, starting a new lifestyle practice which are different from your daily routines, go ahead to put new efforts in those activities and take charge of your new directions. For that, when you feel contented with the new achievements, worrying will fade away as we focuses on achievements instead of fear.

The angels are also here to ensured that abundance and happiness will be guaranteed and even if there are financial situations, it will be healed too.

Prayers: “Dear God, thank you for reminding us to focus on what we are capable of achieving rather than worrying, for that we will be blessed be and attracting more success in our life that promises positive results and abundance. Thank you and Amen!”

<Proverbs 23:7 >
“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…”

<Matthew 7:8 >
“For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

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