Gifts from the Divine

Many people have asked me since, what are the angels? There could be different types of answers given from different perspectives. In angelic reiki, angels are simply gifts from the Divine. They truly are some beings or aspect out there that would give us the most love when we needed them the most. Some would say I do not feel them. Well, since it’s a gift and it’s from the Divine, a gift is simply something that you will get it only when you want to receive it. Are you willing to feel the angels? Since then, many things shape up my life through the angels, and they are everywhere and anywhere, in my work, in my GX-classes, in my plants, in family and relationships bonding, just everything. I would like to share three steps I do to allow my connection to angels whenever I needed them. Do you want to try?

(1) Changing of perspective, expansion of consciousness can happen as long as we let go our prior believes and accept that anything is possible.

(2) Love what you do, do what you love.

(3) Calmness and connection back to light is the first step towards all crisis. We were never disconnected from the light, the angels, the divine. When we relax, it is when we see the light (It is not when we focus, we see the light.)



Shamanic Drum…


Despite working as a shamanic drum that disengages the brain’s awareness of outside activities and blocks their input and heightens activity in brain networks that help that brain to enter β€œan internally directed conscious state”, I was guided by the angels to incorporate the Angelic Reiki symbols into shamanic drums. I painted two drums with the Reiki symbols, the Chokurei and that I am holding is the Mae Loong Reiki Symbol – The Tibetan Fire Serpent. This symbol helps one realize the ultimate truth and also ground at the same time. I do not always use the drums in my healing sessions, but it works perfectly well when we need to ground the energy, it gives a hand on making the vibrations to be activated faster and holding on longer. After all the intention of the drum to funnel and direct energy in a way. To those who wanted to understand more, there is a Hawaiian Huna sharing that says that “MAKIA – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking off, will grow in your reality”. So it is really important where do we put our thoughts, we all do want happiness and well-being don’t we? πŸ™

Oracle Cards…

Many have asked me β€œWhy use oracle cards at all?” They said that they cannot find purpose to connect to these cards. In short, oracle cards assist us to look for clues and answers inside our subconscious, from our higher self and from the divine. Oracle cards can be use personally for our own personal growth, also it can be used to help and heal others.
Let’s bring back to the plain purpose of our existence in this universe; simple, to grow and to expand as designed. We would want to be able look inwardly of what are our needs and the same time we would also want to listen to the universe and our guides, as such we would gain a clearer direction on our personal growth and what to do next.
Oracle cards are powerful, the power of these cards lies in the fact that they open up our senses and sensitivity towards, signs, messages and vibrations, that works to ease and to simplify the connection towards the universe, the angels and the divine. Many can say that oracle reading is a form of assisted channeling process! Such powerful tools, are in fact not limited to personal growth but can be shared and can be use to help others! πŸ™


Personalized Dzi & Crystal Bracelet

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to co-create this amazing bracelet. It is always nice to see how these powerful ancient beads and gems could do possible help in all ways to assist someone in a situation. Energy and vibration are real, doesn’t means that there do not exist when you do not see them. The real thing about this is we just feel them. If you are interested in personalizing any jewelries let us know, we could work and consult on that!


The Dolphins


The Dolphins are the ones that conjure happiness everywhere. They are the one that truly understand to live peacefully in this physical plane, we must be able to live our consciousness at a higher perspective. Thoughts and feelings are temporary, for what is permanent is knowing that we are all made from the aspect of the light and love. No matter in what situation we could actually just laugh it off. This is the fact, this is our fixed design. πŸ™β€οΈ

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Embrace to Heal


What creates our experiences by rules that have set by our own perceptions with. The programs that are running in our believe system right now, define the way how would we experience any situations we would be in. Many things would shape the way we would construct our rules, especially in our earlier lives, any events in the past would greatly shape rules and perceptions into our life that we are still carrying today.

This brings us to a very interesting topic, anything that make us feel vulnerable, anger, agitation, jealousy, bitterness and any of those low vibrations feelings, are mostly contributed by our past negative imprints, mostly from our early childhood. Since said, this means that traumatic experiences would create a deficit in our emotional body and causes the equilibrium of energy towards our mental body and we would temporary create additional vibrations to compensate the lost, from our lower chakras, first through the instinct of survival, affections and to be in control, so to feel in temporal relieved of the situation.

As this also creates, a new program, rule and imprint, that will be stored and will be re-triggered when anything in the future would bring back the similar mechanism of situations, even to mild extends of such, big impact of compensation will automatic wired. We love to give examples: people with abandonment issues; being abandon at young age, (could be physically like orphanage, or even emotionally like the elder child expecting a younger sibling). They would feel helpless and beyond their control given at the time of traumatic experiences, they create perception of afraid of loosing their love ones, either, they would react of not trusting/ hard to built a close relationship with this person or they would react in a way of being over possessive because they are afraid to loose anyone in their life. The feelings of vulnerability submerge from the triggering of such stored program, rule and imprint. He/She will totally be easily triggered for any negative low vibrations emotions when there are just mild activation of such programs. We are also runs by many other negative programs and imprints or even you can call them rules that govern or being at the present moments created from our past experiences.

There are many topics out there which speak of the way of healing the inner child, or there could be many psychologies offering their best techniques in healing these situations, which they are good in their own way. But, at the very crucial, the initiative should be taken responsible by ourselves. Are we ready to look at them? Or till we need to wait for a meltdown only we would want to re-render these negative perceptions? We know we should not judge any of those perceptions are negative. However, whatever that are causing us discomfort and vulnerable to low emotions are created by traumatic perceptions, of which we have a choice to restructure and reprogram for the true purpose of our well-being. Being said, everything lies in the responsibility of ourselves, when we make a decision to start to look at the core problem of such “why the triggering of bad emotions” is the first step that we acknowledge the symptoms, causes and this literally leads to healing. There is no other miracle step to re-wire, re-program such traumatic experiences. Just by giving attention to them, heal them. “Energy goes where attention goes” and “Due to our true nature of unconditional love, where we put our attention on is where things will be change only for better”.

We understand that it is difficult to even to acknowledge of such traumatic experiences, and this makes us “lost” sometimes on what actually happened to me? Practice, listen and be aware is what we could do in this context. Great tools out there would help us into going through these phrases of life and to be ready to acknowledge, like meditations, healing modalities, aroma therapy, psychological counselling and many more. Embrace ourselves that, we are responsible and strong enough through our life experiences, for the purpose of our well-being; after-all, this is :”Heaven on Earth.”

Guided through with experience with Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Lady Nada & Archangel Metatron.

Change For Good…

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Being too comfortable in life is a sign that is showing us that we are being afraid to grow. Even a subtle “new adventure” promote so many different opportunities that not only will creates extensive experience but a chance to expand our consciousness. Take a small step at a time. What new are there for me? Attend a new spiritual class? Join a new gym program? Make new friends? Ample…. πŸ˜…

Happy Sunday peeps!

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