Large Polished Quartz Yin Crystal


This is a large Polished Yin Madagascar Crystal standing at 1315g!

Yin crystals are cloudy and “soft” looking inside. They enhance or bring in yin energies: feminine, receptive, gentleness, meditative. Used positively and appropriately, these energies can help enhance intuition, peacefulness, harmony, meditation and ability to keep your cool. An overall healer. Good to use in healing sessions dealing with any topics.

Zuzuland Amethyst Geodes (South Africa)


Beautiful Zuzuland, South African Amethyst Geodes with minerals!

These are very affordable and their energy is different from the Brazilian Amethyst Geodes. These are much more grounding and has a more gaia-like vibrations.

You can place these in areas which you think it’s a little quiet and the energy is little still. They vibrate much more to bring high vibrational violet light reflecting into the areas, powered to grounding them in that areas.