New Sprays available now in Shopee ~~~

Good news! Both energy sprays of Starlight and I’m Enough are available now in my Shopee store for all local sales.

I make each spray myself, by hand, together with the angels and infused them with the healing energies of essential oils, crystals, and of course, Angelic Reiki.

So if you feel guided, please take a look and they are available from here.

More details here.


How to use the Energy Sprays?


(1) start by noticing your own breathing
(2) read label for the spray of it’s intention
(3) with intention, spray around yourself (a few times)
(4) take a few more deep breaths
(5) experience the energy shift
(6) give thanks to your guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters and God for this precious experience.

PS: Always ask permission of others if you intended to spray on someone else.

#inspiredbyyou #guidedbyangels #wildcrated #organicessentialoils#floweressences #gemelixir

– Space clearing tools and Vibrational spray to raise energy levels.
– Fear dispelling spray, Dolphin’s Sprays for joy.
– Self-Love spray as Divine and the Goddess teaching us to love our-self more.

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