How to create a Harmonizing “You”?


To live in a total peace and harmonize relationships with people around us is one of the best feeling we could be wanting. Have you ever wondered what are the main reasons conflicts occurred within you and your boss, colleagues, lover, friends and even family?

Rather than most of us are trying to sort out such an issue, we choose to ignore and move on from the relationships or we would even choose to react and fight back. However, problem could be coming from within us.

There could be many surface reasons of such toxic connections that we have built within ourselves, as human; like competition, self praise, selfishness and etc that arising out of ego that are cataclysmic in relationships. But, there could be more why we would react this way.

“Of such, at the very root cause, it has to do with the idea of putting a judgement of others within our mind, because anything that we do not agree with ultimately creates a resistance and this disharmonize our well being.”

“As we stop judging anything, we create harmony within ourselves and this creates harmony with our surrounding.”

All of us have a different role to play in this universe. What may seem strange to you may be perfectly normal to another. All of us are here on the journey of discovery, we all are having our own experience, as we harm no one, we let go any hatred of others and keeping the harmonising within ourselves. 

Blessed Be.