New blessings from the Angelic Kingdom 2020

We are please to share 3 of our new blessings from the Angelic Kingdom. These are energy sprays that work on core belief system, imprints and to be at our most nature, loving, joyous self in dealing with our daily life without being affected by bad programmings and even ancestors and karmic imprints.

These sprays, co-created with the angels are from the perspective of the following:-

(1) Working from a perceptive of our Higher Heart Chakra and be free & liberated (you can read on how to overcome negative belief here). (Shamballa’s Spray)

(2) Be confident and be present with love & joy in dealing with our daily’s. (I Am Divine Spray)

(3) To take charge over negative markings and let go things from Ancestor’s and Karmic imprints which are no longer serving (you can read more here). (Ancestors & Karmic Clearing Spray)

These are the sprays that co-relate:-


Our Shamballa’s Spray activates our Higher Heart Chakra that allow us to be at our nature’s self that promotes freedom and liberation in all situations, as we know suffering only occur from our own colored visions, a perspective that we created. 

Filled with #essentialoil of #Geranium #Copaiba #Lime #Spearmint #Rose #Clementine #Frankincense and #Elixir #Chalicewell & #Hiddenite.

#HigherHeart #Natureself and to evoke #freedom & #liberation

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee



Our I Am Divine Spray elevate positive confidentiality that allow us to be at present with joy and love in all situations, when we are confidence in all situations, we feel present in the moment. Spray just to feel good about yourself!

Filled with #essentialoil of #Jasmine & #Vanilla and #Elixir #Oceanjasper.

#confidence #present and to evoke #love & #joy

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee



Our Ancestors & Karmic Clearing Spray allow us to be aware and clear enough of any negative imprints within our-self, and be courageous enough to let go what is no longer serving us from our cellular and systemic vibrations. 

Filled with #essentialoil of #Neroli #Grapefruit #Vetiver #Rose #Cedarwood #Cypress #Cinnamonbark #Hyssop #Frankincense #Myrtle #Sandalwood #Spikenard and #Elixir #Finlandshamanstone.

#negativeimprints #Ancestors #Karmic and to evoke #lettinggo & #clearing

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

Path 32: Breaking Through the Real Meaning of Desire


I would like to share something interesting about the homework that I am going through as I am always fascinated about Kabbalah Pathworking and the Tree of Life. I tried working on this subject matter few years back but I just couldn’t start the journey.

Maybe, it is a calling now.

As I was travel along the line of the Malkuth towards Yesod through the path of 32, the emotional responses were shocked and I feel that whatever that belongs to the physicality now is not mine, as not permanent and they are only an end result of our manifestation. However the result could be a skewed manifestation due to the lack of courage to look at the real desire and feelings of oneself, thus creating temporary manifestation, illusion and hence darkness.

The ego self is always unable to accept the fact of recognizing our own true desire and mislead our conscious to seek something more easy and temporal. This result in not owning our dreams, and creating temporary refuge that leads to materialism, addiction and sex, plan of the ego to sabotage our true desire and feelings.

What is that we really desire? We may been thinking about the food we always wanted to eat, the dream home we wanted, the fabulous type of romantic girlfriend/boyfriend, the possessions we wanted to owned, the money we can spend, the list goes on. Are these desire or just a temporary “relief” towards the real feeling of your innerworld? I am not saying that materialism is not important in our physical world, please do not get me wrong, I am saying that it will not bring satisfaction towards your desire, the things that your soul hungers.

What we truly desire is at very best, being happy. Happiness is created through our internal dispositions, not external gains. Even in the bleakest of times, you can find something to be grateful for. In a nutshell, it is all about recognising our desire, knowing its root of origins on why do we desire this? Create a discernments on list on what are your true desire, what are desire being manipulated by our inner child, peer pressure, social enforcements or even just a temporary relief. 

The key to be able to make the travel of our conscious from the Sephiroth of Malkuth to Yesod, is to make discernment on what truly are our desires? Hence the proper channel and energy can be direct towards the creation of what our world will be.



Who are the Angels?



Some of us see that angels as supreme beings, and some even say they are part of ourselves. Whichever way we choose to understand and experience them is fine, as it is true for all. The inner world and the outer world are not so very different, and they are manifestation of God.

New Sprays for Embracing your Past and Gaining the Best Version of You ~~~

To further facilitate and to assist the processes of healing, and from the blessing of the angels, we are able to make two new sprays that allow us to embrace our past and to create our best future selves.

These gifts work effortlessly when we are ready, and open up many perspective shifts and they will be able to assist you and make your healing journey more tangible.

If you are interested to read about how this concept was channeled, we would like you to read about these two topics that initiated the creation of these two new sprays.

(1) Embrace to Heal

(2) Switching Realities  

These sprays are now available at our online store:-


Embrace’s Spray enable us to embrace our past and to create a new perspective towards our current selves that are generally feeling better and more loving without any negative resistance. 

Filled with #essence of #Chinesehoneysuckle #essentialoil of #Yuzu #Bergamot Mint, #Bergamot #Sandalwood #Orange #Grapefruit #Neroli #Mandarin #Lemon #Lime #YlangYlang #Hemp and #Elixir Dumortierite & Australian Opal.

#embrace #perceptions and to evoke #peace #energy #vibration #love

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee


Our Cosmic Light’s spray promotes allow us to tap into the highest potential of ourselves. There are limitless possibilities from our different selves just by tuning into our different awareness of realities.

Filled with #essentialoil of  #Honeymyrtle #Sandalwood #Fennel #Rosalina #Peppermint #Eucalyptus #Teatree #YlangYlang #Jasmine #Whitecypresswood and #Elixir Fireagate & Ruby.

#highestpotential #limitless and to tune into #posibilities promote #highmind

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

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We are already there…


“As Above so Below”, everything recited within us. It was never a marathon nor any competition in this earthly plan to seek for any advancement for spiritual empowerment or potential powers.

But, it all goes back to how lovely you are? what can you do for the community? This is just merely a perception shift and awakening from within that will ultimately happen naturally (ascension) as we work from our higher self.

Be who you truly are, create love and joy at where you are right now. But do not be afraid in losing anything for they were never yours. What we gain ultimately is our perceptions and believe. That is the most beautiful thing we can ever gain.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

Answered Prayers – Blessings in Disguise

We truly wanted to send more love and healing energy to those who need them most, signs of toxic energy like stress and anxiety, bad moods and depression, blaming others, physical conditions, relationships and connections, draining environments becomes prominent if you were to notice the change recently.

What makes this period of time a little more intense is due to the shift in the planetary conditions. Which actually is a form of detoxing and cleansing and also an answered prayers of those to wanted to purify themselves. The resurface of issues that have yet brought or makes trigger you before but now are in a point that you needed to do something to improve the conditions. Simple resurfacing, detox, cleanse and purify. We understand that this is not a simple process which requires so much energy and love but trust us the result is promising.

First of all, you need to de-clutter your energy patterns and thoughts form, to recognize what are negative energy that is affecting your well-being. Then, you embrace them and purify them.

We are sending you so much solutions and support as the door is open, take this opportunity to grow and heal.

“Take this as a chance to recognize what have blocked you, start to heal, start to transform and to make peace with your past.”

Blessed Be.


Our Detox’s spray unclutter blocked thoughts and clear trapped emotions, to facilitate confusion and stagnant of ones energy patterns.

Filled with #essentialoil of #Oregano #Black Cumin #Ravintsara #Gingerroot #Balmmint #Lavender and #Lemon and #himalayansalt

#unclutter #blockedthoughts and to #release #trapped #emotions

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

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New Sprays for Forgiveness and Personal Power ~~~

Through the process of healing, we work entirely inwardly toward ourselves, and create a world of happiness 100% from how we view the world, to support this initiation of healing of such, there were two topics that we have brought into attention which are, forgiveness and Personal Power. (You can read more of them as you click them, as we have discussed them earlier.)

With very much blessing from the angels we are able to make these intentions into something more tangible to assists us into the venture of our healing journey.

These sprays are now available at our online store:-


Our Forgiveness spray initiate healing on all levels by changing our perceptions. Forgiveness is a form of letting go any resistance towards self healing, which is the most crucial initial process. 

Filled with #essentialoil of #Clarysage #Spruce #Bergamot #Benzoin #Juniperberry #Redcedar #Myrtle #Firneedles #Citronella #Thyme and #Elixir Apache’s Tears

#forgiveness #perceptions and to evoke #positive #energy #vibration #letgo

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

You could also use this Forgiveness Chakra Meditation Technique together with this spray.


Our Personal Power’s spray promotes self discipline and self empowerment in all situation by not giving away our authority. We stop our own self victimization by not giving away our own personal power.

Filled with #essentialoil of #Kangarooislandeucalyptus #Rosemary #Rosegeranium #Ginger #Palosanto #Patchouli #Fennel and #Elixir Carnelian.

#personalpower #selfdiscipline and to stop #selfvictimization promote #empowerment

With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

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Switching Realities


There have been times in lucid dreaming that are so vivid that I remembered, I found myself in places where I used to be, or even in place that I have not been. Best of which, I then realized the potential of consciousness at different times that I have found myself in. This does not happen once, or twice, but rather reoccurring until I got the idea, installed and downloaded.

I meditate inwardly and seek for guidance, contemplating. Archangel Metatron exclaimed that in the concept of oneness, everything is one, and we are part of God and beyond the third dimensional reality, there is no time and space, every possibilities and realities have already happen. Since consciousness is something that is not limited to our third dimensional world, and it is something beyond our linear timeline to be comprehended, it is then not governed by time and space, thus not bounded by only one possibility and reality if we could put focus and intention into it consciously; energy goes where attention goes.

Reality can be jumped from one possibility to another possibility when our perceptions shifted because of the changing consciousness that we choose to focus, as such this will create our third dimensional reality into our “outside-world” in a linear timeline. “We create our own reality from what recites and happens in our “inner-world”, will create whatever we experience in our reality.

We would like to give example of how to applying this concept can bring the best potential in you:-

(1) Unable to perform at best due to trauma – Traumatic issues, where a child experience trauma at a very young age, registering, at his/her subconscious this condition, later in life he/she would be having symptoms from such traumatic event. This program runs in the child and to overwrites this core program, we need to bring this person, back to where the traumatic program was installed, and into attention, through consciousness travelling back in time, we reiterate, the condition where to convince that this child on what if? (what if you were never experience such traumatic event, focus on the feelings of such, and let time lapse towards the future, allowing such program to reinstall and reactivate, ask this person, to visualize what will you be if as such? We may add positive events to replace the original program) We may need to have more than few sessions to solidify this concept. This method can be use to unleash our highest potential in the present linear timeline when we encounter limitation at solving/choosing a solution towards any problems and blocks.

Can be work on most first degree issues and programs. (I will explain more of this later, as we do not have more information about this, second degree or more could be something that work with the dimension of energy imprints and ancestors karmic imprints, another topic to explore.)

(2) Unable to perform at best due to weak determinism – Since as we were talking about how time and space do not register beyond third dimension, the consciousness from our future self and be tap into and even possible futures. Thus, the possibilities of doing anything you want if possible, if you are giving enough attention into it. Same method, tap into the consciousness of your desired results, and fully experience the conditions of such and bring what will you feel into the present third dimension moment, stabilize your present and possible consciousnesses, result of manifestation depends on how close we could bring both consciousnesses together and merge them eventually. This method can be use to unleash our highest potential in the present linear timeline when we encounter weak determinism and determination towards a solution of any problems and blocks.

It is all about switching to your best possible potential.


There are limitless possibilities from our different selves just by tuning into our different awareness of realities.

There is no time and there is no space.
Archangel Metatron

Fairy Tarot Reading 11/09/17-17/09/17


This week oracle reading 11/09/17-17/09/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Fairy Tarot Cards from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine for any topics of contemplation and guidance.

There are fairies which are full of love, and would bring blessings and love for us so we could be open and be a step closer to listen to God’s guidance.

The fairies are also very grounded and understand us better in terms of our earthly life. Incooperating fairies and tarot, uses the ancient wisdom and the magical fairies’ energy to help us in any topics for our well-being.

We herewith pray for an answer for what are the messages that are needed for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New Age and to whoever attracts to read for contemplation and self-help.

1. What is the main issue? Nine of Winter: Are you having fear and worries recently in which you always expect the worst might happen to you or whatever you have been planning, why is this so?

2. What do we need to focus on? The Sun: One of the reasons that you feel worries and fear for your future or even towards people that you concern because you lack of practicing gratitude. When we think about the good, we attract more good into our lives.

3. What we desired? Justice: You are worrying about the future because you lack of practicing gratitude and tactfulness. This has make you feel that you are always treated unfairly, well infact everything was given to you fairly and what your emotions are actually from your own worries and fearfulness.

Prayers: “Dear God, Holy Spirit, the angels and the fairies, thank you for helping us to relieve stress and feel more calm and know that all good have been given to me fairly as long as we practice gratitude and tactfulness in our lives. Thank you and Amen!”

<Philippians 4:6-7>

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Young living blends: Gratitude, Surrender
Young living singles: Hinoki, Lavender
Crystals: Petrified Wood, Sodalite
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662

Saints & Angels Oracle Reading for 04/09/17-10/09/17


This week oracle reading 04/09/17-10/09/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue for words of contemplation and guidance.

We could turn into various saints who are nondenominational, Holy Spirit, Christ, God and angels, that promised to bring us a step closer to love; receiving lovely messages and guidance as heaven help are always readily available for us.

We herewith pray for an answer for what are the messages that are needed for our readers in OveracupofCoffee New Age and to whoever attracts to read for contemplation and self-help.

1. What is the main issue? Confidence (St. Michael, the Archangel): : As you may feel that you are not competent in doing the things/projects and plans that you are doing right now, Archangel Michael is asking you to have confidence in your decisions, the projects and plans you have in mind or that you are currently doing. You are adequate in all of the things that you are doing. Our egos always remind us that we are not worthy and inadequate by all means, but do not let this energy pull you down, for God has always made us to perfections, to share love and to make the world a better place.

2. What do we need to focus on? Wise Decision (Guardian Angel): You may lose confidence in what you are currently doing and planning, because you are afraid of making decisions. Are they wise enough? Are they giving the best results? A wise decision do not been valued and weighted by the norms of other people opinions, nor from the society and past experiences because the results and achievements that you would want differ each time and differ from other people. A wise choice in this context is about your connection towards God, Love and Joy. Decisions from love and joy will never be wrong, and they are wise because they are from God Himself!

3. What we desired? You Found It! (St. Anthony of Padua): Having confidence in whatever you are doing is what you have been looking for, as this is affected from your indecisive mindset, valuating your own decisions that are they wise enough from other people’s opinions. Look into your inner connection when make decisions, this will let you find what you want in your life, and you will be confidence enough to walk the talk.

Prayers: “Dear God, Holy Spirit, the Angels and the Saints, thank you for helping us to feel confidence in making our decisions by knowing that all of our decisions we made are wise as long as we listen to our inner self which are full of love and joy and that have the closest connection to God, and thus we will be indeed find what we want in our life by confidently walking the talk. Thank you and Amen!”

<James 1:5>
If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.
<John 5:14 >
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Young living blends: Clarity, Valor I& II
Young living singles: Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang
Crystals: Moonstone, Azurite
Young living distribution and sponsor ID: 3734662