Beware of creating more attachments!

Some of us are not aware of what we love to do and get caught up in situation and life we do not want to be in and this could be the worst possible torture one can be at state, or even some of us are awaken about this “self love” and grasp the idea of “love what you do, and do what you love”, but beware as this awareness could be a potentiality in creating further unwanted attachments in our life.

Do not get me wrong, it is definitely right and bliss to¬† “love what you do, and do what you love” as it is. To those whom do not know how to self love or to do what they like/love, this is extremely important. However, many have also get hacked and made these ideas into seeking temporary relief and temporary happiness. Due to the ego and mind of its own, we created individuals and selfness and that everything belongs to me, mine and when it is time to let go, that would have created pain in letting go.

“Do what you love, and love what you do” gives us the direction on what we will be wanting in our life which is again we reiterate that is perfectly fine, but it doesnt stay at the same point all the time (we need to move on). What really causes the pain is due to stagnation and sense of lack that creates attachments; and attachments creates pains.

Have you asked your friends who earns six digits and travel around the world as leisure/work all the time, “Are you happy?” Have you guess the answer? He won’t be probably telling you that he is not happy but he will tell you his plans of doing more things, his plans of buying a new car, a new condominium which will leads to attachments, temporary happiness and deep inside ultimate pain. You probably know what this really means by now. We will leave the answer you would want to seek within you.

What our soul really seek in this sense is “freedom”, freedom is a form of ultimate bliss one can achieved whilst we are living in this beautiful planet. Freedom is a state of mind where we will not get affected by any external sources around us affecting our well being. This may take more awareness and practice. Before we would end this, a few things to share from within that would help us in detaching from these situations and seek our ultimate bliss.

(1) Give awareness to what you love to do, and do what you love without getting attached.

(2) Knowing the sense of lack within cannot be furbished/satisfied by temporary attachments because nothing really belongs to us. “Nothing belongs to me…”

(3) To learn the true sense of being at “freedom”, give attention to that we do not need external factors to make us feel better. Just a “State of Mind”, and this means doesn’t matter where you are, and what you are doing, you are totally unaffected.

We are still continuing expanding our consciousness and giving more attentive awareness in creating what truly want in our lives and of cause with the blessings from the divine and the angels, in gratitude we supposed that we are to be able to experience these beautiful creations.

Be who you truly are, create love and joy at where you are right now. But do not be afraid in losing anything for they were never yours. What we gain ultimately is our perceptions and believe. That is the most beautiful thing we can ever gain.


The collective minds of the High Mind and Archangel Metatron.