Gratitude and Appreciation


“The answers for life is to stop searching what you need and start realising what you already have.” madphilosopher.k
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(Amazing art work from Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards Deck from @a_hartfield . I personally love this deck so much ❤️ and the Whispers of Love Oracle Cards Deck too.)

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Crystal Bracelets – Byzantine Designs


Guys, let me know if you would want to customized any other crystals bracelet that beyond these collection. ( Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmalinated Quartz, Prehnite, Dendritic Agate, Petrified Wood, Amazonite and many more.)

Do take a look at these bracelets, if any would call to you, take them home  as they are going at a ridiculous affordable price. If you would know me personally, do not bother the delivery charges, I could just past them to you.

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Angel Prayers Oracle Reading 26/06/17-02/07/17


This week oracle reading 26/06/17-02/07/17, we will be working with a 3 cards spread with Angel Prayers oracle cards from Kyle Gray for assistance and guidance. The prayers through the angels will help us to release all that we no longer need so we could find peace and harmony in what should we deserved in this present moment, that will support us in our personal and spiritual growth.

We herewith pray for an answer of which what are the messages that might help us all in general for our reader in OveracupofCoffee New age and to whoever attracts to read.

1. Your Strength at this time, Peaceful Warrior, Archangel Ariel: Thank you Ariel for helping me stand my ground with peace! We understand that it has been a rough period with life challenges and lessons; furthermore there are even world issues which are in the news that are upsetting towards our world peace recently. Your strength that resemble of archangel Ariel is what makes you staying strong in all circumstances with the intention of maintaining peace in your life and even towards the people and environment surrounding you. Good job in bringing and sharing the peace energy!
2. Your Blessings that you carry, Synchronicity: The reason why you are enveloped with beautiful peaceful energy and maintain the peace within you and your surrounding like a warrior is because you trust God, the grace you have given to God, and manifested into calmness and tranquility into your reality. Allowing God to take charge in everything by trusting his grace and plans will indeed brings us peace and joy, nothing but only love that God are made from, will only bring love but not harm. Thank you Angels I trust your well-timed guidance and signs.
3. Your challenge, Healthy Choices: The angels are always guiding us to make healthy decisions, so we could be more sensitive in knowing and accepting what are God’s plans and what is the synchronicity that the angels are showing through signs so we could get better with our strength of maintaining peace with our grounds including personal challenges and lessons, and also world issues and making the world a better place. The angels are also sharing that there are many healthy choices to make that includes planned exercise routines, healthy and balanced diet and abstained self from all addictions like drugs, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate/sugar and etc.

Prayers: “Dear God and angels please guide us to have a healthy life style, so we could be more sensitive towards the signs of the angels and be more perceptive towards trusting God, so we could maintain peace within ourselves and towards the people and environment surrounding us to make the world a better place. Thank you and Amen!”

< John 1:2 >
Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

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