How to make peace with relationships?


Who would complain about peace and harmony with relationships? Have you ever wondered what are the main reasons conflicts occurred?

“Of such, at the very root cause, it has to do with the idea of putting a judgment on someone, just because anything that we do not agreed within us create resistances. And this dis-harmonies our well being.”

“As we stop judging anything, we create harmony within ourselves and this creates harmony with our surrounding.” BECAUSE when we judge someone, within ourselves we already create the possible block towards our future relationships. Try stop judging the person that you always have negative interactions with, and you will notice the improvement in the relationship.


Gardening is very similar. Stop judging the plants on how they should grow and you would feel disappointed if they do not grow as what you should expect. This happens when the plants just didn’t thrive. Instead we should do best what we can and let them grow with acceptance. These are one the fast grower philodendrons. They are amazing and have beautiful foliage.

It’s not only Magic, it’s Science!

Often we ask ourselves how does crystals actually work? They are not just ancient tools with miracle powers to help in healing or correcting an energy field of a space. This can be explained in quite a few scientific reasons .


Our nervous system is an electrical system, and every electrical field has a magnetic field with its specific frequency. This system runs along our spine and into our organs, just like the frequencies on a car stereo relate to specific radio stations and their associated programming, there are major energy centers along the spine which vibrate at set frequencies and have specific nerve centers associated with them which we will call them chakras.

Specific energy points (chakras) of our body can resonate with the environment and produce different results mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to a person. Specific crystal can be used in correcting the energy flows in this particular chakras, as such each crystal has their special intracellular architecture (arrangement of the Crystal’s Molecule)and has its field of specific frequency for specific reasons. If you have certain concern of your mind, body and or even spiritually, we could help on advising which crystal is best for you at the moment. Keep checking updates from us, as we are excited to share more on how crystals and which crystals resonate into which of your chakras. 


This concept also apply to the correlations of an area’s energy space and can be corrected with placement of crystals into specific areas. As each crystal has a specific energy frequency, and produces different magnetic fields in correlations with the Earth’s Magnetic Field. We can use this to correct the flow of the energy of a home, office and etc; for example Feng Shui (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) and the use of Crystal Grids and Vaults to improve the energy field of a particular group of crystal). Do let me know if you have specific area to fix in your home or office, we will work it out together on which crystals to use. We will also update on this topic more often for some special relation use of crystal in space!