Gold Rutilated, Rainbow, Moss quartz! Polished


This is a very special combination of gold rutile, rainbow quartz, dendritic moss and quartz standing at 1570g from Madagascar.

This master tool assists one in reconnecting to the earth, the elemental kingdom and accessing past life information from Lemurian times. Works with all the chakras, stimulating, clearing and purifying.

It creates a peaceful environment and encourages the enjoyment of each moment. Deepens your connection to the earth.

It also creates powerful manifesting power which is very suitable for setting life goal! Keep sustain!

On a more subtle level, the moss helps the bearer to maintain equilibrium in a period when one’s life path presents a tangled mass of possibilities, and facilitates clear thinking and spiritual guidance which are necessary to enable the highest form of discernment, enabling the bearer to understand complex situations and to choose the one path forward which will be for the best and highest good of all concerned.