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Aloha, these are new bracelets currently available at our store Facebook Page, if you required more information about their metaphysics and healing properties you can check the link above.

Learn How to Cleanse, Activate, Charge and Dedicate a Crystal

Any crystal possesses its own unique vibration (magnetic field) which can be affected by the energies in its environment (explanation here). It is, therefore, always important to fully cleanse, activate, charge and dedicate any crystal before you start to use or wear it. Regular process of maintaining the crystal is important to ensure their subtle vibrations and healing properties and to help you become attuned with them.

(1) cleansing crystals:  there are many ways of cleansing crystals, for example the use of flowing clean water over a crystal, salt bath (we do not recommend as may destroy surface of crystal), smudge sticks and intention/crystal energy work. I typically like to use smudge sticks makes of herbs and have it diffused over the crystals.



(2) Activating crystals:  this requires a little bit of practice with your mind/intention, however if you find this is too difficult to concentration it is okay to speak out loud to the crystal. “I hereby ask upon you to unleash and awake to be at your full potential for the highest good and love of all” and follow by a sound (positive vibration) usually bells and singing bowls.



(3) charging crystals:  usually done using the elements from the nature, subtle morning rays of the sun, beautiful charging full moon, gracious waterfall, sea side, another larger crystals (clusters), any you could think, possess elemental energy to charge your crystals . It is easier for me to have them lay in the garden and the over morning sun for a few hours, and sometimes, I would have leave them overnight in the garden during full moon.



(4) dedicating crystals:  this also requires a little bit of practice with your mind/intention, however if you find this is too difficult to concentration it is okay to speak out loud to the crystal. “I hereby ask upon you to —objective— for highest good for —recipient name— and love of all”. Example while working with a rose quartz: “I hereby ask upon you to assists in the awareness of self love and to stop all habits and or disruptive lifestyle and patterns for Kevin Gan and love of all. (Its is okay to use the name if you are dedicating for yourself or dedication for another person for this process). You could also use some sacred geometry to assist you in the dedicating process, this increases your focus for a better result. I keep this simple I just transform my palms and fingers into a 2D pyramid and the focus/energy is plain amazing. I will write a post on how to identify the functions of any type of minerals and crystals using sight, touch, feel and insight, however you could also google them, there are quite a number of references for this case.  


There could be much more methods and choices for these process. Meanwhile, thank you and Namaste! Please visit our OnlineStore! ❤


Cooper Designs Crystals Wrapped

These are listing in our Facebook Page. Let me know if you would like to make any of them to your home.

Polished Rutilated Quartz Semi Sceptre Crystal


Large Clear Semi Sceptre Polished Crystal with Three Thick Clear Rutile Crystals Running Through Top of Crystal. Total Weight 1.405kgs. Mine was in Madagascar.

Rutilated quartz is reputed to be an energizing stone that helps get energy moving on all levels. Intuitive sources say that it assists with mental focus. It is also said to attract love and stabilize relationships.

Rutilated quartz said to be particularly effective for getting things moving energetically. It can help slowed chakras return to normal spin and balance.

Take this master crystal as a part of your personal spiritual journey beside being golden rutilated keeping your mindset strong, also as being a semi sceptre and empowering, connecting those higher realms of Atlantis and Lemurian, priest and priestess. Stimulate emotional body to release the fear and anger through heart chakra.

Large Polished Wispy Smoky Cluster Quartz – Madagascar


Beautiful big straight up standing piece of smoky cluster quartz up for grab. Great to bring space into another level of consciousness and grounding. Solid weight at 5.625kgs. Can be use in setting powerful “space” manifestation. (which is another level of manifesting, in terms of space) to set goal for a group and make it materialise.


Smoky Quartz Generators Pt 2.



These are from Brazil showing great natural colors of genuine untreated smoky Quartz. They are believe to transforms negative emotions and negative energy patterns. Grounding. Protective. Good to use during meditation as it helps you relax and open while staying grounded. Stone of cooperation. Good for groups. Helps relieve fluid retention. Smoky Quartz helps to overcome Depression, Nightmares, Stress. Smoky, root beer, or chocolate-colored clear crystals. The clearest, most intense ones powerfully open the Crown Chakra emanating light down the Root Chakra, inducing Alpha/deep meditation for channeling/higher guidance, deep relaxation, lovingness. Ancient use also to stimulate meridians, kundalini, and correct fertility/PMS/reproductive imbalance. Stores info well. Alleviates fear, anxiety, depression, emotional Dense, dull, solid/semisolid black/brown, less attractive. Very grounding, when placed opposite other smokies. May feel dense, heavy, nonconductive Many were irradiated to turn them this flat, dark color with white edge of base. If so, they’re not useful for conducting light/healing, thus less useful for wearing or healing. This medium-to-dark brown crystal found in the US, Brazil, and Scotland. A word of warning is in order regarding choosing Smoky Quartz crystals. Its dark color is caused by impurities, usually carbon, iron, or titanium. But the color of some Smoky Quartz is caused by the effects of minute amounts of decaying radium, within the crystal itself. Because of the presence of this natural low-grade radiation, Smoky Quartz is good for people with radiation-related illness or those in chemotherapy. It is best to avoid the heavily irradiated crystals. Most gemstone and crystal stores do not sell them, and most gem experts advise against using them in layouts. Natural Smoky Quartz crystals, like other brown stones, are closely in tune with the anchoring energy of the earth. Often sued for ailments of the lower torso. The reproductive organs, muscle tissue, heart, and nervous system all profit. Heightens your understanding of nature and concern for the environment.