Blessings from the Angelic Kingdom…

To all whom follow the work of the angels, archangels, ascended masters other light beings, we know that we have two parts of work to do; to make the world a better place
“Heaven on Earth” and then ascension (like the ultimate goal). The second part is possible, but it is a long journey? Although we should not judge any possibilities but doing our part one which is making the world a better place seems more approachable and doable now right?

As to all the soul sisters and brothers out there, my understanding of life is simple, that is to look inward and to acknowledge our “ego” or “resistance” and angels will take care the rest. Well this concept of life rendering view did not come from just by reading self-help books or articles and just by attending any new age courses out there, it took 10 secs to get to know the knowledge but long experiences and time to have the wisdom.
Just to share if you would know about the Dark Night of the Soul? It’s about when your life hit bottom and when you stood up and light comes back to you, you come back with a bigger Hero’s Cape for yourself. (You can listen to the podcast by Shari Badu here if you want to know more). Well, speaking of which I might have hit a few times of said condition, though not as bad as her’s but similar. We come back stronger each time, and this connects to my life changing experiences after I have attended Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 earlier this year and Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 recently, it is about looking at our darker selves and evolve from there.

Being an Angel Therapist from Doreen Virtue’s a while back, Angelic Reiki focuses much more on the intention of healing, and the system itself enable people to very much tune into healing and it is more guided without being too much rely on our current condition and mood of the day, more systematic. (I might share my view on Doreen Virtue move-on on another post but not here, well the Angels has told me that it happen for a good of all, it is actually something good.)

Coming back to my Angelic Reiki experience to date, after attending Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 and prior attending Angelic Reiki 3 & 4, energy wise, it is not always just about light and rainbow throughout. I felt I was stuck and froze from my expansions and I do not know what should I do but to wait for the next level of Angelic Reiki classes? I tune inwardly, I do grounding meditation everyday (that is the only meditation I would want to do, the rest just gotten me agitated and resentful) and I do self Angelic Reiki Healing.

From the blessings of the Angelic Kingdoms, thank you that I did managed to overcome the darkness that haunted me prior Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 and I have got a few things to share:-

(1) Changing of perspective, expansion of consciousness can happen as long as we let go our prior believes and accept that anything is possible. (from the concept of this being downloaded in my consciousness, one night I think it was about 3-4 am, I woke up shouting some light language for 3 minuets? Which seems to be flabbergasted to me myself, but I accepted them though, and I would be able to tune into the light language now if I were to put a little attention towards them. This helped me to learn new stuffs.

(2) Love what you do, do what you love. Marie kondo has spoken about declutting our life, which we would keep what are still sparking joy in our life. For me, joy comes in all aspect of our life as it really depends from which perspective we would see things, we would have a choice of making everything continuously sparking joy just by decluttering what causes the block towards the joy in our inner world. Both decluttering our inner world and our daily outside experiences are important for it’s effectiveness. When I see things without my judgement, without any expectations, without any prior believes, I see beauty, I see joy and I spark joy in all that comes in my experiences because we are love and we are one. I see joy in things in my life now, even before that many things would agitate me but not anymore.

(3) Calmness and connection back to light is the first step towards all crisis. We were never disconnected from the light, the angels, the divine. When we relax, it is when we see the light (It is not when we focus, we see the light). I relax into my true-self, simple! We ground, we calm ourselves, we allow out energy to flow, we see light!

In short, I write to share and thanks the Angels, the divine, to all the love ones in my life, that supported me and co-creates so many beautiful memories and consciousness together. We do know there are many more beautiful memories to create and many more consciousness to expand. Lets make this beautiful and fun, rest assured “Heaven on Earth” is not a myth anymore and its tangible by everyone of us.



Thank you Ms Ally, Facilitator of Angelic Reiki Workshops in Malaysia.