New Service Offer! Tarot Cards Reading…

Happy New Year 2017!

I would like to thanks everyone for giving me the opportunity to bring messages from your Angels and Fairies through tarot and oracle readings for you.

I hope you all enjoyed the readings in my facebook page. It was a great blessing in 2016! What I would want to do best is to help you to bring positive expeditions for your earthly journeys. One of my many dreams is to bring heaven on earth, and for us to live the most joyful and beautiful moments here.

It would be a great news for all of us that I will still be offering a 3 cards reading from a choice of yours:-

(1) Angel Tarot Card which is a very detailed traditional based tarot of messages and symbology which are much more angelic and positively enhanced deck.

(2) Fairy Tarot Card which is good for daily details of life including issues of dwellings in our earthly life and the Fairy advise of straight forward and sometimes could be pushy and demanding.

(3) Archangel Power Tarot Card which is similar to the Angel Tarot Card which with more positive affirmations and guidelines including goal settings and the deck is tuned to be little softer.

Do you want to know what messages your angels have for you? I am offering this 3 Card Reading to the least of your expenditure only at RM38.00 as an energy exchange.

Which I will reply upon receiving 1 question from your life purpose, health concern or relationship and love concern/general reading after you made payment to our OveracupofCoffee Shopee Online New Age Shop within 48 hours with a PDF Report.

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Here is an example of what the positions of the cards in this layout will look like.

Card 1- past/mind
Card 2-present/body
Card 3-future/spirit

Thank you for your gracious supports and I hope I will bring you much more varieties and positive enchantments towards your life.

Blessings and Love